Joe Dallesandro

Joe Dallesandro


12/31/1948, Pensacola, Florida, USA

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Joe Dallesandro



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Joe Dallessandro
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Joe Dallesandro (b.1948), the product of a broken home and a kid in trouble with the law as a teen, walked into a Greenwich Village apartment one day in 1967 to check out some guys who were shooting a movie and had left the door open. He was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Joe is 5'6" tall.

    • At the age of 15, while driving a stolen vehicle Joe decided to crash the car in to the tollgate at the Holland Tunnel. A police chase ensued, resulting in Joe getting shot in the right leg, just above the kneecap.

    • After Joe's mother went to jail, Joe and his brother Robert were put up for adoption in New York by their father, and then brought up in a series of foster homes.

    • Joe has one younger brother, named Robert.

    • Michael Ferguson released a book on Joe's films entitled LITTLE JOE, SUPERSTAR: The Films of Joe Dallesandro , it went in to reprint in 2005. It was a limited edition book.

    • Joe's first television appearance was in the Miami Vice (1984) episode One Eyed Jack.

    • Joe's first movie appearance was as a college wrestler in "****" aka The 24 Hour Movie (1967) directed and written by Andy Warhol.

    • Joe has done extensive work as a model.

    • Steve Kokker released a documentary on Joe's screen work in 1998 called Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe.

    • Joe's crotch was featured on the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album cover.

    • Before becoming an underground film star, Joe posed for a number of studios in California (and some in New York) that specialized in male physique photography, most notably for the Athletic Model Guild and for Bruce Bellas, aka Bruce of Los Angeles.

    • The Norwegian pop/rock band Briskeby released a song dedicated to Joe called "Joe Dallesandro" on their album Jumping on Cars.

    • Joe's mother went to jail for grand larceny when he was only 5 yrs. old.

    • Joe's parents were still teenagers when he was born.

    • Joe was the "Little Joe" mentioned in Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side."

    • Joe is best known for his many appearances in Andy Warhol's films.

    • Joe Dallesandro: My introduction to the gay world did two things. One, [it] saved me from life in prison for murder, which is probably where I would have wound up. How? Because the gay world showed me that you didn't have to beat up every man you saw or hurt people to make a point. It gave me a whole other attitude, a calmer attitude. Two, it taught me never to be homophobic, even before there was such a term. I think because I grew up in a period, especially later on, when the people I looked up to were heroes....That's what I liked about the period, that a man could say he liked both, that he appreciated both the look of a man and the look of a woman without being stereotyped.

    • Joe has a son, Mike, with whom he posed for a portrait by Greg Gorman in 1996.

    • Joe's trademark is a tattoo on his right forearm that says "Little Joe."

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  • Definitely easy on the eyes.

    Joe Dallesandro ... yes, I'm sure a lot of people from my generation and younger have no idea who this man is. But for those of you in to the eccentric underground films from the 60's, not to mention some of Andy Warhol's work - you'll recognize "Little Joe" as one of his favourite models.

    In his younger years, this man was absolutely gorgeous! Yummy, is probably a better word. Mind you though, he still looks pretty good today.

    Probably not the best actor in the world, but I can still handle sitting through a movie with him in it.moreless