Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas


8/15/1989, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA

Birth Name

Joseph Adam Jonas



Also Known As

Joe Jonas, Jonas Brothers, Joseph Adam Jonas, Joseph Jonas, Joe Adam Jonas
  • The Jonas Brothers on Radio Disney take ...
  • The Jonas Brothers on Radio Disney take ...
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Joseph Adam Jonas was born on August 15, 1989 in Casa Grande, Arizona. Joe originally wanted to be a comedian. He actually wanted to be on the show All That. Now, after discovering he could sing, he is all about music. Joe is in a band called the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • I love him!!

    I love joe jonas alot!! I also have A HUGE crush on him and i think he is funny and a talented singer! Hes in my favorite band and and i love how he acts in his new tv show jonas he always makes me laugh! I also think he and Demi lovato(i love her singing) make a cute couple! He was a great actor in his movie camp rock.He did great when he was acting a snobbish pop star! He is just a great person and i would scream bloody murder if i ever meet him and he is also my secret crushmoreless
  • Joe Jonas is hilarious. He is a very lovable person. All the best to Joe!

    I think Joe is awesome. I think one of the best things about Joe is that he is funny and his sense of humor isn't vulgar. This boy can seriously make you laugh! He is also original, and I have to say he is a trendsetter. If I ever was a star, I'd probably copy Joe. I mean, hey, it worked for him!

    Another great thing about Joe is that this boy is for REAL. The way he sounds on stage is almost identical to the recording studio. He is an awesome singer. I love the way jumps around, makes jokes, and blows kisses, and basically everything that says he's having a great time and loves what he's doing. I'm an Elvis Presley fan, and for some reason Joe reminds me of Elvis Presley.

    Joe Jonas rocks. Anyone agree?moreless