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  • I love him!!

    I love joe jonas alot!! I also have A HUGE crush on him and i think he is funny and a talented singer! Hes in my favorite band and and i love how he acts in his new tv show jonas he always makes me laugh! I also think he and Demi lovato(i love her singing) make a cute couple! He was a great actor in his movie camp rock.He did great when he was acting a snobbish pop star! He is just a great person and i would scream bloody murder if i ever meet him and he is also my secret crush
  • Joe Jonas is hilarious. He is a very lovable person. All the best to Joe!

    I think Joe is awesome. I think one of the best things about Joe is that he is funny and his sense of humor isn't vulgar. This boy can seriously make you laugh! He is also original, and I have to say he is a trendsetter. If I ever was a star, I'd probably copy Joe. I mean, hey, it worked for him!
    Another great thing about Joe is that this boy is for REAL. The way he sounds on stage is almost identical to the recording studio. He is an awesome singer. I love the way jumps around, makes jokes, and blows kisses, and basically everything that says he's having a great time and loves what he's doing. I'm an Elvis Presley fan, and for some reason Joe reminds me of Elvis Presley.
    Joe Jonas rocks. Anyone agree?
  • All right, all right; I might not have a fetish for Joe like the rest of ya. But, still, he's original.

    What do you think when people say "Joe Jonas"?
    Okay, well, I'm not gonna go there. But, here me out; Joe Jonas is not the best man.

    I mean, okay, I will admit; he looks like Michael Kelso from That 70's Show. But, that dosen't mean you have to go all goggly eyed on him.

    He's pretty good, for an 18 (or, was it 19) year old guy. But, trust me, he's an orginal guy. I mean, he is funny, trying to run into a wall and breaking his nose. Man, I gotta watc it some time;

    Oh, but, anyways, he's pretty respectable, but, there is another flaw into him. You wanna know?
    He can't act.
    But, that's just okay! I like him, not go like a googly eyed girl.
  • Joe Jonas is an amazing guy and singer. His singing makes my heart melt...

    Hey Joe Jonas,

    You are an amazing guy and singer. Everytime you sing, my heart melts. You are such a wonderful role model for all aged kids. Your music has helped me to get past obstacles in my life. I can relate to your music so well, such as Underdog. I didn't hear it until a month ago, and my friends and I agreed that the person you were describing in your song is exactly like me. My parents are separated and it's been very difficult. They have been separated for three years, and whenever I get upset over anything, I go and turn my stereo on and it helps me get away from things for a while. I don't have a great relationship with my parents, and my day doesn't always end on a good note. Your music helps make the end of my day become brighter. I do have posters of you guys in my room, only a couple, and everytime I look at them, I smile! You have changed my life and theres nothing in the world that can explain how much I appreciate you being in the world. I wanted to also congratulate you and your brothers on your success in the past few years. You guys have done an amazing job, even though I've only been listening to your music for a year now, I want your first CD very badly, but I don't think anyone is selling it anymore. From listening to songs on youtube from your first album to now your third album, you guys have transformed so well. I hope you guys stay around for a really long time! I love you guys so much and your music! Thanks again so much and thank you for taking time from your day to read this letter! God Bless you and Thank you!
  • 10
    whatto joe jonaz hello, my name is aimee i am from panama!! i want to know when u are coming here... so i hope u come soon
    we can not way!!
    your music is awesome we dont talk a lotof english!! but we really want that u come here please answer me!ok i want to say tooo that u are very lovely people i dont know u!! really but i hope i can doit one day in my life!! !! i am one of your fanss here n panama and i now they are more!!!!
    i think that you are very tired to talkWithPeopleLike Meee!!
    but i am different i only like to get friends!!
  • Joe Jonas... You can't really describe this boy. He's amazing.

    What is there not to like about Joe Jonas? He's a personal favorite- he's everything. He's a great singer, "talented" with his tambourine and guitar. He's great at acting for someone who doesn't do it all the time. He's a charmer, he has a way with the ladies. He's gorgeous. And he's HILARIOUS. Just watch their Youtube videos- there's no way you can't laugh at him. For the past few years in the gossip magazines, we've seen Joe grow into the person that everyone cannot stop quoting. We can remember his quotes and his jokes, but we also see where he helps kids with Diabetes, or helps the environment. For a young non-Backstreet Boy singer, there's nobody like him.
  • OMG I LOVE Joe Jonas. I mean what's not to love!? He's hot, funny,cool, amazing,is a great singer,he's very talented,did I mention he was hot? he is soooo amazing. I LOVE Joe Jonas!

    I would give Joe Jonas a 10 out of 10! He is my favorite in
    the Jonas Brothers! he's so awesome! He has a lot of talent.
    He sings,dances,plays guitar. He's so funny,nice,smart,cool.
    And best of all he's so hot! What's not to love about Joe Jonas? Only thing wrong is he still doesn't have his driver
    licenses. :( I love his voice. I'm glad he chose to be in
    a band instead of a comedian cause his voice is great! I thought Joe did a good job in Camp Rock even though I thought the movie was ok he was good as a jerk! Nice to see
    he has a bad boy to him! ^-^
  • He is cute and funny =]

    Joseph Adam Jonas, the middle Jonas. Born on August 15, 1989. He is really talented! He plays the tambourine, guitar and he can sing. The girls all fall for him because he is the hottest Jonas. Yes he is hot, but I think whats more importnat is whats on the inside. He is a wonderful guy, but he is the one that really gets all the attention! Its not a bad thing, I mean he is great, but I wonder how the others feel? Especially Kevin. Joe is sweet and cares for his fans, thats what I like about him. I think he is a little overrated sometimes though. Just because he is the "Hottest" Jo Bro.
  • aimee to joe jonaz

    hello, my name is aimee i am from panama!! i want to know when u are coming here... so i hope u come soon
    we can not way!!
    your music is awesome we dont talk a lotof english!! but we really want that u come here please answer me!ok i want to say tooo that u are very lovely people i dont know u!! really but i hope i can doit one day in my life!! !! i am one of your fanss here n panama and i now they are more!!!!
    i think that you are very tired to talkWithPeopleLike Meee!!
    but i am different i only like to get friends!!
  • He is no backstreetboy which is totally fine with me.

    i had no idea who he was and his brothers were and at first i did not really care until i saw him in a few clips of his disney channels movie that is coming up soon. And he just seems like he is the sweetest guy. And seems like he wants alot in life and just seems like he knows how to get on his feet. And i find that really sexy in a guy. I am not a screaming fan of there music but i just think that he seems like a good guy that deserves to get noticed for the things that he has done. I just hope he wont ever become like aaron carter i hope he stays on the good lane.
  • He is pretty much an interesting guy....

    He got the looks, he got the talent, and he got the attitude. But I didn't rate him as PERFECT, because no one is =] 9.5 is just the perfect rate for him to me, *laughs*. I won't deny that I wanted to know him more and maybe hang out with him for fun!! He doesn't have to be my boyfriend, or husband (elo, am just 15 here lolz). As I say, he sounds interesting, and I hope to meet him somehow and even spend some fun time with him as a friend. But I know the possibilities of happening is seriously low, so I'll just let this Dream, remain as a Dream. He probably won't have the time to notice us, to know us. But I seriously wish that I can have the chances to know him well...and get to know the REAL him *smiles*
  • he is sooo hott... more like smexy!! (smoking,sexy mixed) he is my absolute FAVORITE... hes amazing. got to luv everything about him! No atter how i get to be later on in my life, he will always hold a special place in my heart!

    This is so great for triva! he is "DANGEROUS" :D he does fall a lot... but that makes people love him even more! he is the funniest, cutest, most "DANGEROUS" jobro of them all! LOL... cant wait for J.O.N.A.S. and CAMP ROCK to come out to see more of the jobros!! their tours are great! cant wait for their new album to come out! It makes you wonder if their line in their song "YEAR 3000" will actually be true!! "everyone bought our SEVENTH album. it had also kelly clarkson." all coming to an ending... no matter how forgotten they may become in 5 years... they will always hold a special place in all of their fans and a special place in history!
  • He's ok with me.

    Personally, i don't like him. But i have to admit, he is one handsome man!! I'm not going to waste my time drolling over him because i have my future to think of. I hope these girls get a grip. I'm kinda excited about Camp Rock. I'm glad he's kissing Demi. I want to see all the shallow girls that will hate her because of that. Anyway, back to Joe. I'm no Jonas fan, but i like them. I bought their C-D for some reason and bought a song by them on iTunes. I love Mandy and Poor Unfortunate Souls. Keep on rocking Joe Jonas.
  • Joe's the best.

    Joe is really amazing. I love his hair now and the Joe-hawk when he was younger. He's a very good singer and awesome at the guitar when he rarely plays it. He's so funny and entertaining to watch on stage. He has great stage prescence. Joe is also very hilarious and says the randomest things. He has lots of quotes. My favorites are,"Nick's a studmuffin." and "I wanna record a song with Michael Jackson but I want a wall between us." Joe is awesome. He is nice, talented, hot, and just so lovable. I would love to have him as a boyfriend! (who wouldn't)
  • Joe Jonas Rulez!!!!

    I think that Joe Jonas is awesome. I really like all of the songs that Nick,Joe,and Kevin write. There songs like SOS and Hold On are two of my favorites. And I can not wait until they're done with the movie Camp Rock! I have heard about it and I think that it is going to be great. It must be fun to have a band that you share with your family. I hope that the Jonas Brothers write more songs and continue to write more songs and be in movies & TV shows. The Jonas Brothers are my one of my favorites.
  • Joe is really Funny and Hot!!!He is my favorite Jonas Brother!But I don't forget about the other Jonas Brother and also the Bonus Jonas!!I personaly say that he is a very amazing person!!

    This Page is really great!I really love the Quotes and the Facts,but you guys should really try to put new things up like once or twice a week,but the rest is really great maybe some spellcheck (jk jk jk).He is really funny and he is awesome.Put new blogs on,people!Update the page every week.Well try to at is going to beat the crap out of this.Try at least.Some Joe Jonas Facts had been removed put up the ones that had been removed duh!Put some funny vieos of him cuz he is really funny so you guys should put new PICTURES and NEW VIDEOS!ok so this is kinda dissapointing because it's like the person who fixes this forgot about It I wish I was this person so I can finally update it....Hope I was........Well if ur reading this thx if u make me one!!!
  • He's awesome!!

    Joe Jonas is in the singing trio The Jonas Brothers with his two bros Nick and Kevin. Joe is my personal favorite of the three, he's a great singer and totally HOT! :) All my friends and I love him and think he's cute. He stars in the movie Camp Rock and will soon star in the Disney Channel show J.O.N.A.S which looks pretty good. He went on tour with Miley Cyrus as did the other JoBros and while I didn't get to go to the actual concert I did see the 3D movie and Joe was great in it. I give him a thumbs up!!!:)
  • Is in the band the jonas brothers along with his two brothers Kevin and Nick

    I love the Jonas brothers and i think they are all talented. Joe is my favorite one. He is sooo talented and just amazing! His voice is soo beautiful and its awesome. He is good looking too! I love he songs that he sings and I noticed that he never plays the guitar. Maybe he doesn't know how. Hes the only Jonas who doesn't play. He plays the keyboard which makes him different form the other two. He is so funny on youube if you ever watch the jonas broadcasts he is hilarious! They are one of my favorite bands and i love their songs. All in all great!
  • Joe is sooo hot! I mean Nick is cute and all but why does every1 make a big deal about him? joe is like the perfect bf, hot, funny, talented, ect ect.. but joe is the hottest guy ever!

    Joe is sooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean all the peeps i kno make a huge deal about nick.. I mean nick is hot too but joe is beyond hot! Joe is soo funny anyone see on youtube the jacketz rap? omg its soo funny! I love joe jonas! I mean he even saved nicks life! I mean how brave is that?? He makes like the perfect boyfriend,funny,hot,talented an stuf like that but also hes good at acting cuz now hes gonna be in his own tv show called jonas! I cant wait also joe is gonna be in a movie called Camp rock!
  • its the best ever like joe is so awesome i heart him a lot but ya i personally think that its like idk joe jonas is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot anyways it was cool ....................................................................

    omg i dont habe any thing to say it was just so awesome i love it but like ya i jut wish i could meet joe jonas hes is so like sooooooooooooo cute but still it was cool dudes peace out i heart joe sorry if this reviw is like idk syupid but ya its just so hard not to talk about him but i'll make it esy on yyou bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla the end .
  • wow joe rocks!!

    Joe, Joe, Joe...he is sooo funny! I love his singing, dancing, sence of humour(did I spell that right) and his looks, I mean have you seens him?? I mean all of the jonas brothers are cute, but joe's my fave! I loved them in Hannah Montana, it was really funny =]. I really would like to see him and his brothers in concert and they are coming into my town, but i don't have tickets =[ But I am getting their CD sometime soon, I just have to convince my mom that i need to have it. Anyways I love Joe, he's my favorite!
  • Joe Jonas is so cute!

    hmmmm...what to say about Joe Jonas. He is so funny which alot of girls love and he is really sweet. :) He's in a band called the Jonas Brothers with his other cute brothers Kevin and Nick ( :) ) I first seen Joe on TRL when there song "Mandy" was on the countdown. I automatically loved that song but I really didn't know who sung it. When I heard some other songs of there's like, Year 3000, S.O.S., Hold On, Kids of the Future, and some disney remakes they did, I absolutely fell in love with the band and especially Joe. :) I hope someday i'll get to meet him. :)
  • Joe Jonas...

    Joseph Adam Jonas is a very funny and cute guy. He is talented too. He is a good singer too. He is really funny and sometimes says the most random things. Joe loves making people laugh. He is an actor and a comedian. He orginally wanted to be on the show All That before deciding to be in his band. He guest starred on the show Hannah Montana in one episode. I think he is a songwriter too and writes song for the band. He also plays the keyboard and the guitar. Overall i think he is very talented and original.
  • A really funny guy!

    From what I see in magazines, I think Joe Jonas is a really funny person. You always see him in pictures with a goofy face and having fun with his brothers. What I thought was really funny was the fact that Nick and Kevin both say that Joe takes the longest to get ready. He's just like me! He's just such an amazing person. He's really talented! I think he's really lucky to be doing what he's doing today, and more importantly, doing it with his brothers. Every kid wants to be a star, and I'm sure they would love to be able to do it with their family. The Jonas Brothers are really lucky to have what they have today. They've worked so hard for it and they deserve it!
  • Original, Random, CRAZY Joe...

    Joe Jonas is super-CUTE, super-TALENTED, and super-CRAZY. Some of the funniest/strangest/most bizarre things pop out of his mouth. He is in a band with his two brothers Nick and Kevin. They called themselves The Jonas Brothers (creative huh? LOL!)
    They also have a younger brother named Frankie who isn't currently in the band but when Nick was asked if Frankie would join the band Nick simply replied "I think it'll happen." But this is about Joe isn't it? He wanted to be a comedian. I believe he wanted to star in All That. He also like making movies. I believe he THE hottest guy (or one of them) EVER!
  • One of the members of the band the jonas brothers.

    I think he's the cutiest out of the 3 of his brothers. He's the second best singer of his group because his brother nick can sing way better. He's 18 or 17 i think and is single right now. His favorite color is blue. The songs there group made that i liked was hold on and year 3000. They all can play lots of instruments. He wanted to be on the show all that. He is friends with almost all singers and actors that are close to his age. Joe is his nick name because his full name is Joseph.