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    Work is hectic for me each day.

    But I get up, Monday to Friday at 3am-4am to watch Joe Lando,

    Dr Quinn, the Medicine Woman.

    "He" is such a True Blue Gentleman as we call our males

    over here the Down Under.

    Joe Lando, you're a Bleut!!! (Beauty).

  • best known as the dashing byron sully, on dr. quinn medicine woman. my first celebrity crush.

    the moment i laid eyes on joe lando in dq. i knew that i was on cloud nine. he was so hot! and a perfect gentleman, at least based on what his character portrayed on the show. a reference at the princess diaries book would confirm that not only i find joe so irresistable! i am so jealous of dr. quinn every time they have scenes together. anyway i knew that joe did other projects and was cast in a couple of soaps before dq. i haven\'t heard from him since after the show was cancelled. bring back joe on tv!!!
  • I was in love

    I truely was in love with Joe Lando when he payed Sully on Dr quinn, not only was he just flat out gorgeous but he was such a great charecter, noble brave, quiet, wow, and Joe Lando is a great actor, his currant roles are just as good, and so are past ones he is in my top twenty actors for Movies and TV
  • Joe Lando is so underrated and not given the respect that is due him. He loves acting and has so much talent that is misused or ignored by directors, casting agents, and TPTB who can give us substance and not all these dumb reality shows to watch on the s

    I have to say that Joe Lando is one of the best actors fortunate to have had a series like Dr. Quinn, and Higher Ground. But I am so disappointed that TPTB for other series or movies only look at him as a \"hunk\" or \"pretty boy\", and not take the time to see he is so talented and they are missing out, as well as making us miss out. Joe has such presence on screen! He shows emotions with his eyes, and facial expressions better than any other actor who is big in Hollywood. And Joe isn\'t in it for the celebrity of the business, but for the love of acting. We really need more morally sound actors like Joe who entertains us without shoving it down our throats. I hope he gets a huge gig soon, on a soap opera, new series, or movies that will showcase his unbelievable talent along with his sexiness.
  • Joe Lando is fantastic. Someone put him and Jane Seymour back together on television!!

    Joe Lando is a great actor, but he is way too underrused in Hollywood.

    As a testament to his fantastic acting, I would highly recommend watching "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." On this show, Joe portrays Byron Sully, the husband of Dr. Michaela Quinn. However, he's more than just the main character's husband. Sully gets some great storylines of his own, and his fabulous acting skills really shine in the series. He seems to be a rough-and-tumbled mountain man, and he does have an air of masculinity surrounding him at all times, but he can also be one of the most sensitive television characters of all time. The portrayl of Byron Sully would not have been as amazing had it been done by anyone but Joe.