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  • A big fan that needs help

    PLEASE READ if everyone could give a 1.00 up to 5.00 it will add up and it would be a huge blessing 8tjs
  • Joe Mantegna

    He is so handsome. A hunk!

  • Joe Mantegna Rocks!

    He is a freaking great actor! Perfect addition to the team
  • H.B.@yahoo

    Mandy was great but I think joe is even better for the show. I've been a fan since the begining and they both have different styles of doing things. Of course i like joe's better, He's very smart very empathetic to the victims in the show and he won't stop till he gets his guy.
  • Criminal Minds certainly fell on its feet when Mandy P left and Gideon ran. Rossi's a great addition to the show.

    I loved Joe Mantegna's work in the David Mamet films, Homicide, and House of Games -- hard to get Mamet so right. W. H. Macy does and Mantegna does too. Criminal Minds is beyond lucky to have Mantegna. He brings grace and depth to every role and a believable character. There's always something going on with him. He acts like he's in the moment -- great -- but at the same time he acts like it's possible to think something new about what he's saying and doing. Give me an intelligent actor every time. Helps that he's got those eyes.

    Does no one here watch or read Mamet? I've been looking everywhere for a proper conversation about those great plays and would like to think I could find it here.
  • Really good actor that doesn't get the credit he deserves!

    I think that he is a great actor that doesn't
    Get the kudos nor credt that he deserves and I
    Think that adding him to the new Criminal Minds cast will
    Boast that despite having a tough act to follow replacing Mandy Patikan.
    Saw him the first time when he was in Suspect
    He is really talented in both lead and supporting roles and
    Loved him in the short-lived Joan of Arcada playing the dad
    Really talented and just really doesn't get the credit that he deserves. He can do it all, broadway, movies, tv. Now it is time for him to get the recognition that is due him!
  • When I learned Joe Mantegna was joining the cast I never heard of him, I never seen any of the shows he was in. I wasn't sure how he was going to fit in. I didn't like him at first

    When I first learned Joe Mategna was joining the cast to replace Mandy I was like "what?" Mandy was great, and when Joe started I was like oh hell no!! The show is going to take a nose dive, but it didn't and I've kinda warmed up to him but I still don't like him. Maybe I'm holding to much of a standard but with an actor like Mandy how can you not have a high standard, I'm sorry Joe doesn't live up to Mandy in this role. I still love the show and I have given Joe a bit more credit but overall I don't like Joe he has some big shoes to fill and at the rate he's going he's not filling them very fast.
  • Refreshing new character.

    Joe Mantegna is a welcome to Criminal Minds, he is a very good actor and plays the part well. His character on the show makes it a better show, Rossi is a person who gets the job done and looks out for his own. He is very charming and handsome person and that shows, he even was there for Garcia when she was shot to help her remember. I was getting alittle tired of Mandy character Giddeon, he was a sour puss and never smile or tried to be friendly. I was glad when he left the show, and bringing in Joe was a good thing for the show.
  • 9.7
    Joe is such a down-to-earth person, you wouldn't know he was in the business. He's an example of "old school" traditions. He's a breath of fresh air. As an actor, he is as accomplished as any actor performing today. In tracking the many movies, tv shows and plays he's been in, I noticed the many different types of characters he's had to play. He makes everything look so easy. He also looks as though he has fun while working. I have yet to hear anyone say a bad thing about him. Hollywood should only hope to continue to have actors like Joe Mantegna grace the small as well as big screens.
  • Powerful

    Joe is one of the most talanted actors that has hit our screens today. He plays each part he gets with conviction and talent. He makes you believe in each role he plays. You want to love him in the parts where he is the teddy bear actor and hate him when he plays a bad guy. He is not used enough in films where he can show his talent off more. He portrays characters that don't have lots of depths at times. He needs a great role where he can be seen as the actor he is
  • Joe Mantegna

    He is yet another greatest actor alive today. I liked his voice work on Fat Tony from The Simpsons well thats the only voice of his I heard on the cartoon but still he does a great job on Fat Tony and he should be on it more regular because he is a great character and one of my favourite bad guys from The Simpsons.