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  • Criminal Minds certainly fell on its feet when Mandy P left and Gideon ran. Rossi's a great addition to the show.

    I loved Joe Mantegna's work in the David Mamet films, Homicide, and House of Games -- hard to get Mamet so right. W. H. Macy does and Mantegna does too. Criminal Minds is beyond lucky to have Mantegna. He brings grace and depth to every role and a believable character. There's always something going on with him. He acts like he's in the moment -- great -- but at the same time he acts like it's possible to think something new about what he's saying and doing. Give me an intelligent actor every time. Helps that he's got those eyes.

    Does no one here watch or read Mamet? I've been looking everywhere for a proper conversation about those great plays and would like to think I could find it here.