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  • Joe Murray

    Joe Murray is a really really really really great cartoonist. Almost every single thing I learned about drawing cartoons, I learned it all from Joe Murray. Joe Murray is the proud creator of two really really really really good shows. ( And they are called Camp Lazlo and Rocko's Modern Life ) I love both of his shows. And they are all in my favorites list. :P But I mostly like Rocko's Modern Life better. It's just too bad Camp Lazlo got canceled though. I really liked that show. Hopefully, Joe Murray might be thinking of another great show he can make.
  • The creator of Rocko's Modern Life.

    Joe Murray is the creator of Rocko's Modern Life, which, along with shows such as Invader Zim, Ren and Stimpy(the first two seasons)and The Angry Beavers, is a classic Nick Toon with a fairly large fan following. Ah, don't you miss the days when Nickelodeon was a channel worth watching? Anyway, Rocko isn't Joe Murray's only show. Murray is also the creator of Camp Lazlo, a show which can be watched on Cartoon Network. Whilst no where near as good as Rocko, Camp Lazlo still has it's moments and is currently one of Cartoon Network's better shows when being compared to cack fests such as My Gym Partner's A Monkey. So overall I'd say that both his shows are worth watching. Thanks for reading!
  • Hi I'm tomkfan and I'm a Joe Murray Cartoon addict.

    Whenever Rocko's Modern Life or Camp Lazlo is on I must stop what I'm doing and watch the entire episode before I continue on. Mr. Murray's shows are the kind of shows that you watch when your having a bad day and you just take one look at those greatly designed characters and your day becomes a good one. When I say greatly designed I mean with their personalities and their looks. Joe always seems to treat characters like his children if not better. Because you can look at a background character lets take Dave and Ping-Pong from Camp Lazlo and you can see that their full of personality though they rarely talk. And he can make you feel for the characters too and that's what makes his shows so loveable. When I'm watching Filburt getting ready to propose to Dr. Hutchinson I really hope that she's going to say yes even though I've seen the episode a hundred million times and I know exactly what happens. No other show or movie can do that. When Bambi's Dad died I laughed. That is how good Joe Murray is at what he does. I think Joe Murray is up their in greatness with Chuck Jones, Friz Freling, and all of the other all time greats. So there you go Joe Murray. You are my hero when it comes to animation. You'll never read this but I don't care. You deserve to have great reviews, because you are a great animator!
  • I loved rocko's modern life!

    I still watch it today but i wish it would come out on dvd. Camp lazlo is a great show too but it\'s mostly targeted to a younger audience. Rocko\'s modern life was a show that everyone love although i didn\'t get the inside jokes when i was 8, now when i watch rocko\'s modern life i think oh i get it. It is an original show that i watch and love. Stephen Hillenburg can\'t do half as good a show as rocko\'s modern life but spongebob squarepants was pretty good. now the episodes are getting kinda dumb and meaningless they should have ended it when hillenburg left.
  • A very awesome cartoonist!

    I love Joe Murray's cartoons, Rocko's Modern Life and Camp Lazlo, which are some of the greatest works he has ever done! He's a very talented person on making and plotting his cartoons! He's one of my top favorite cartoonists and one of the best of all! He should do more but how he is going, he's doing an incredible job!