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  • Great coach and human being! A true living legend.

    Heading into the 2010 season he is 6 wins shy of 400 wins, and every one of his wins has been with the same college, Penn State. He donates a lot of his money back to the college in ways to raise the academics not just athletics. He has a wing of the library named after him which he did not ask for and he makes sure his players understand that they are student-athletes, not just athletes. He has a great sense of humor and at the age of 83 is still alive and well no matter what you hear. He will continue to coach as long as he wishes because he knows whether he has what it takes to last another season or not. He has done it for 45 years now hasn't he? What is most impressive to me is that he has been a part of penn state so long that he coached when both of my parents attended PennState and is still coaching this year when I am up at University Park. He is an amazing person, and a privilege to have at Penn State.