Joe Pichler

Joe Pichler


2/14/1987, Bremerton, Washington, USA

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Born in Bremerton WA. Joe started working locally in Seattle on videos and commercials. He moved to Los Angeles where he immediately landed a role in The Fan (1996), starring Robert DeNiro and Wesley Snipes. Other film roles quickly followed. His Television credits include "Touched By An Angel",…more


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    • The "suicide note" that police believed they found in Joe's car was actually a poem, with writing in several different directions, which probably means that he wrote random lines of poetry at different times. It was also found buried under a lot of things in his car. The family and everyone who has seen this note agrees that it is NOT a suicide note, but rather lines of poetry, which Joe enjoyed writing. The fact that the note was found buried under several items also leads one to believe that it was not necessarily meant to be found, and therefore not meant to be a final parting note. The family fears that Joe has met with foul play.

    • Joe, On January 9th, 2006, was reported missing after his abandoned car was found with two pages of writing inside it, that authorities believe to be a suicide note.

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  • Joe Pichler disappeared 2 years ago. He was with some previous friends and never seen again. The friends refuse to meet with police.

    The friends Joe Pichler was with the night he disappeared said Joe committed suicide. The police jumped on this conclusion. Joe did not commit suicide. Joe had been robbed. The friends have not agreed to interviews/polygraphs.

    The media has written Joe's case off as suicide thanks to the Bremerton Wa police dept's poor work and a fast thinking friend that was not a friend.

    The people that were with Joe the night he disappeared create a Fake MySpace account that was not created by Joe and does not reflect Joe. It reflects his not so very good friends.

    Please call the FBI Seattle office. Ask them to help with Joe's case.moreless
  • Joe Pichler is so sexy.. being oneof my good friends and all I have gotten to know him better than his other fans. He rocks my socks and his movies are so good. I like to party with him becuse he always makes me laugh. Love you joe!!!!moreless

    Joe Pichler is so hot!

    I Love him!!

    Go Joe!

    I think that when im older i will marry joe and we will have little babies that are very cute.. joe is my best friend forever. His apartment rocks and i love to hangout with him all the time. Its funto watch his movies and touch myself. He turns me on all the time. Hes my numberone favorite actor of all time!