Joe Raposo





2/8/1937 , Fall River, Massachusetts



Birth Name

Joe Raposo




Joe Raposo is the music composer for many cartoons during the 60s and 70s, when Chuck Jones, and DFE Films, (David H. Depatie, Friz Freeling, and Robert McKimson) Other Music Composers of that time were Dean Elliott, Henry Mancini, Bill Lava, and Carl Brandt. Raposo's style of music was somewhat different compared to Carl W. Stalling, Scott Bradley, Milt Franklin, & Eugene Poddany, and is very similar to Dean Elliott's music. After DFE Films have been working with Dean Elliott for a while, he composed the music of Dr Seuss's Halloween Is Grinch Night by DFE Films and later did the the music of Dr Seuss's "Pontoffel Pock Where Are You?" by DFE Films.

But in 1969, Joe also wrote the theme song to "Sesame Street" as well as some of the songs for that show (Bein Green, C Is For Cookie, Jar of Peanut Butter, Somebody Come & Play, The Song of (#), Rubber Duckie, etc.). Joe continued his work for PBS in 1971 for the other Children's Televison Workshop series, The Electric Company.

He also composed the theme music of Three's Company (and its spin-off, The Ropers) in the late 1970's.