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  • Fear Factor

    was on Fear Factor home invasion, how can i be a contestant on the mian show?
  • Take no prisoners comedy.

    Joe Rogan is many things. He's a talented fighter, actor, and comedian. This dude exhales confidence, and isn't afraid to make observations that would likely offend 95% of the American public. Not because his stuff is racy, which it is, but because it is truer than we want to admit. His style is very outspoken, but lately he has become the champion of the underdog comedian by taking on comedy thiefs in the industry who steal lesser-known comedians jokes and use them to elevate themselves. Lately, he's gotten a lot of flack from the business side of comedy by exposing Carlos Mencia for the fake and joke stealer that he is. However, the public has stood behind him and showed their support; mainly due to the fact of the enormous amount of evidence supporting the claim.

    For facts about Joe, or evidence of Mencia's issue, go to:
  • Joe Rogan is like the best host ever!

    Joe Rogan ROCKs, ROCKS, ROCKS!! Not only is he gorgeous but he host Fear Factor so well!! He gives everyone a pat on the back and makes the show so much more interesting! He is fun to watch and always adds twists in his work!!

    Go Joe and Keep it up!
  • Joe rogan is a funny comedian. Ever since watching a sneek peek of his show Newsradio, I said, this guy is so funny!!!! He is a very talented comedian and an amazing actor.

    Joe Rogan is an awesome host of fear factor. He is also a talented comedian. Ever since watching fear factor since the age of 14, I have become very obsessed with the show. He takes his own views about life an makes them funny. That\'s what makes him such a talented comedian and actor.
  • He is....

    Joe Rogan is a very talented man. He is an actor, a host, and a comedian! You can not find many people like him in the entertainment business. Joe has admitted he is only in the business for money so it makes me wonder sometimes could he be better and does he enjoy what he does. Joe has hosted the awesome tv show Fear Factor. He also hosted "The Man Show." I have also seen him on the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). And to make him even cooler he is distantly related to Gerard Way and Mikey Way of the My Chemical Romance! How cool? He is cool.
  • As host of Fear Factor, his abilities are...scary.

    Joe Rogan is a fairly decent stand-up comic guy, but his talent is about limited to that. He is likely going to be best known for the overdone reality competition "Fear Factor", in which he shows no depth, variety, or original thought. Let's face it, one of the biggest indicators of success in a reality show is the host. Too many times, a host is brought in that is just...uninspiring. Rogan's constant verbal tirades as people compete in inane tasks and gross eating contests are more of a distraction than a support to the show. It's a good thing that this show is cancelled, because it will allow Rogan to find another entertainment niche to fill.
  • Trash Trash and more trash, thats his talent he has no act, and I'm ashamed he's from New Jersey.

    This man is a liar, he is a champion of nothing, the Tae Kwon Do organization does not have a midget or physically challenged ranking. He's nothing but a little man with a big mouth that he can't back up. I met this dwarf at an airport. I bumped him in the head with my knee I could not make out what he was screaming it was too far down, I just saw the little hands and feet flaring. As I was leaving with my 4 year old son, daddy he said, that the little man was complaining that I was responsible for him choking on his elk penis jercky. Well we flushed, washed our hands and left but not without turning around to see Joe splashing water on his face from his favorate watering hole, the lid was up.