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  • Trash Trash and more trash, thats his talent he has no act, and I'm ashamed he's from New Jersey.

    This man is a liar, he is a champion of nothing, the Tae Kwon Do organization does not have a midget or physically challenged ranking. He's nothing but a little man with a big mouth that he can't back up. I met this dwarf at an airport. I bumped him in the head with my knee I could not make out what he was screaming it was too far down, I just saw the little hands and feet flaring. As I was leaving with my 4 year old son, daddy he said, that the little man was complaining that I was responsible for him choking on his elk penis jercky. Well we flushed, washed our hands and left but not without turning around to see Joe splashing water on his face from his favorate watering hole, the lid was up.