Joe Rokicki

Joe Rokicki


12/14/1985, Long Beach, California

Birth Name

Joseph Franklin Rokicki


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  • OMG Joe Rokicki is so talented and gorgeous I swear that the episode of Lizzie McGuire he appears in makes me cry, not only because of Lizzie\'s tears, but because I wish that I was his girlfriend!moreless

    Joe Rokicki should soooooooooooooooooo have his own show! I believe he is attending Princeton at the moment and I am not surprised because he is so amazingly talented and good looking! Joe must have some hidden depth and a great talent if he is attending Princeton, because it is one of the top universities. I swear that the episode of Lizzie McGuire he appears in makes me cry, not only because of Lizzie\'s tears, but because I wish that I was his girlfriend! I have never seen anyone who is as GORGEOUS as him! In fact, the only actors who are as gorgeous as him are Scott Mechlowicz and Brady Corbet! I love Joe Rokicki - it is my life goal to meet him!moreless
  • Joe Rokicki is the most gorgeous guy actor i have ever seen on lizzy McGuire. he should be on tv more often hes sooooo hot oh my gosh.. i like totally have the hots for him.. oh my god.. wowmoreless

    The episode "first kiss" on the television series Lizzy McGuire, "Ronny Jacobs"- Joe Rokicki he was awesome. i mean he is so cute. that episode he played totally awesome. that episode is so true. it shows how alot of relationships can turn out.. and that alot of people im sure can relate to that. i know i can. It also shows how not all guys know what they want and that you shouldnt give your heart to a guy unless you know him really well and that you know he's totally into you. Joe Rokicki is great he's so cute. when i first saw him he made my heart melt. he is o gorgeous..moreless