Joe Shuster

Joe Shuster


7/10/1914, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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Joseph Shuster


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Joe Shuster was born on July 14, 1914 in Toronto Ontario, Canada. He moved from Toronto to Cleveland, Ohio when he was about 10 years old and that is where he met Jerry Siegel. Years lter he and Siegel would create the very popular hero Superman.


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    • Joe Shuster: Also, Mort Weisinger and Julius Schwartz I believe collaborated on a sort of science-fiction gossip colum which ran in the fanzine; they may have done it under a pseudonym.

    • Joe Shuster: In this drawing we just let our imagination run wild. We visualized Superman toys, games, and a radio show - that was before TV - and Superman movies. We even visualized Superman bill boards. And it's all come true.

    • Joe Shuster: Jerry created all the names. We were great movie fans, and were inspired a lot by the actors and actresses we saw.

    • Joe Shuster: My favorite comic strip in those days was Little Nemo by Winsor McCay. It was very imaginative, and that was the sort of fantasy I grew up with and loved.

    • Joe Shuster: Those early sketches looked too cartoony; I really wanted to do detailed drawings - I was taking anatomy classes - but unfortunately I wasn't able to do it because of the time element.

    • Joe Shuster: One of the first comic strips we ever did together was called Interplanetary Police.

    • Joe Shuster: We were both great science-fiction fans, reading Amazing Stories and Wonder Stoaries in those days.

    • Joe Shuster: I did all the work at the beginning up until the point where I couldn't handle the increasingly heavy art production burden alone. I needed, and got, assistance.

    • Joe Shuster: The evil Superman was just my idea of a villain - I suppose he looks a lot like Telly Savalas.

    • Joe Shuster: I was mild-mannered, wore glasses, was very shy with women.

    • Joe Shuster: I think initially we wanted to use the first letter of the character's name. We thought S was perfect.

    • Joe Shuster: Clark Kent, I suppose, had a little bit of Harold Lloyd in him.

    • Joe Shuster: Before I ever put anything on paper, Jerry and I would talk back and forth.