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  • good actor...

    I've only seen Joe Spano in NCIS so that is all that I am rating him on. He plays FBI agent Tobias Fornell and he's my favorite recurring character. Spano plays the character very well and really brings forth the character. He's a lot of fun to watch on NCIS and I hope his character more episodes and stories. Spano has been in several shows and movies and, from what I've seen in NCIS, I think he's underrated. He's really talented and I would love to see him in a leading role, or at least a more important role than just a recurring character. Overall, talented actor.
  • Great underrated talent

    Glad Tom Hanks considered him a great actor and one of his faves.
    He is one of those actors who face is familiar
    But you can't picture him with a name
    But I guess that some actors like him are like that.
    Where you chose to remain name anyomous
    Still though have a familiar face
    Great actor and glad that he has chosen roles that really do him good.