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  • Joe Torre is a legend both on and off the baseball field.

    For decades, Joe Torre has been a legend. During his playing career, Joe was an All-Star and MVP winning catcher. He is particularly known for his managing of the New York Yankees from 1996-2007. During that time span, the Yankees have won 4 World Series championships and made it to the World Series 6 times. Additionally, the Yankees have made the Playoffs each of those years, and have won the American League Eastern Division during 11 of those years. Off the field, Joe Torre leads the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation, which is a foundation that strives to end the cycle of domestic violence in homes and communities across the country. Torre has changed many lives with his work, and will always be known as a legend for it.
  • One of the best Yankee managers in all time. I esspecially like home because he was manager since I was three years old.

    Joe Torre has been one of my favorite Yankees for a long time. As Yankee manager for eleven years now, He has won a respactful four World Series and made it six times. I trust that he makes good decisions planing and while the games are in action. So far he has prved himself able to do that. I fu lly appreciate him being a Yankee and I hope the he remains a Yankee for the next four or five years. I like Joe Torre just as much as Derek Jeter. He is hard working and knows how to handle a team.