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  • We just LOVE Lucas!!

    His acting is superb, and he is So funny!!!!! Keep Forever going with him in it, and we will watch it always.
  • Joel David Moore; way to go Oregon. I knew there was something about him that was/is special. He comes from a very beautiful state. We are proud when someone from Oregon, makes it big.

    Joel David Moore;
    Right On! You did it! Congradulations from Oregon. It truly is a very beautiful state. Your role in Bones was awesome. Your role in Avatar was great. My daughter got a dean's scholarship to the University of Oregon(Eugene). Are you going to be appearing on Bones again any time soon? Some of my daughter's friends go to college in Ashland, Oregon. I hope that your career in acting lands you a major role as leading man one day. Good luck from home state Oregon. Congradulations & good luck God bless.