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Joel de la Fuente

Joel de la Fuente


4/21/1969, New Hartford, New York

Birth Name

Joel de la Fuente



Also Known As

Jose de la Fuente, Joel De La Fuente
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Joel de la Fuente made some low budget movies like Roommates in 1995 and Return to Paradise in 1998 and also starred in the short lived 1995 Sci-Fi tv series Space: Above and Beyond, and had recurring roles in shows such as ER and Due South.



Trivia and Quotes

  • In a nutshell Joel de la Fuente is an important character to the show and even though hes underused and not considered a "star" he still one of my favorite characters.moreless

    I know Law and Order SVU mostly revolves arouund Benson, Stable and the rest of the detectives. But I feel even though he has a really small part that Joel de la Fuente portrays his role as Rueben Morales very well. There was one episode I can remember he had a pretty big part it was the episode "Web" and he had a very emotional scene with a pedaphile when he kicked his butt. Another reason why I really like Joel de la Fuente is b/c even on an emotional and somtimes sad Law and Order SVU show he always seems to have a more happy and upbeat perspective.moreless