Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton


6/23/1974, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Joel Edgerton


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With a commendable and notably diverse acting background behind him, Joel has appeared in a varied range of character portrayals from local theatrical productions to television projects and feature films. In 2000 Joel was nominated for the AFI Award for his portrayal of Will in the 2000 series…more


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    • Joel: (on his appearance in "Star Wars Episode IV") I should have been more cunning about really milking it in the interim, because I know I'm in the film for a short amount of time, and as exciting as that is for me, it doesn't necessarily create a jump ramp to the other side of a chasm of excellence or anything like that. I don't count on work leading to other work. I think that is more likely just to lead to disappointment, but certainly it whips people into a mini frenzy. You know, it meant that I could see almost anyone that I wanted to in LA, work-wise – mainly casting directors or agents. It's almost like your business card. So you're on the other side of a very, very solid door and they look through the peephole and you say, 'Hi, I was in Star Wars!' and suddenly you can hear the locks being undone.

    • Joel: (on Smokin' Aces) I'm not a huge advocate of violence for violence's sake, but what makes this film OK in that regard for me is that it's a heightened reality. It's kind of like Ocean's Eleven on acid - it's hyper-real, cartoon violence.

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    a bit sad actually.

    not him! no!

    (not that I am an aquaintance or anything.)

    what if he googled himself and found this, nothing and nobody.

    no one who subscribed,no one who tells you about his film.

    not even a tiny bit about The Square.

    it is sad, and because I really appreciate Mr.Edgerton as an actor and screenwriter I feel that it is my duty to subscribe.

    even if it is just this little message, on a website I hadn't even heard of before 5 minutes ago.

    anyway, Joel Edgerton:

    * Great Actor, very versatile.

    * good screenwriter (The Square! hello!)

    * funny

    needless to say, check him out in some of his work, you won't be dissapointed.

    I heard a funny thing a little while ago,

    in The Early Days ( when he was just graduated I think) he worked as a doorman at a hotel in Sydney somewhere I think.

    he auditioned for a role in a tv series and got it!

    He was asumeably so happy that he emediately quit his job at the hotel.

    only he didn't know that the character in the series he would be playing would die after a few episodes.

    look people, It's funny, I am sorry for him though, but still I laughed so hard when I heard it at first.

    sorry., Mr: Joel Edgerton

    check him out.