Joel Fluellen





12/1/1907 , Monroe, Louisiana, USA



Birth Name




Joel Fluellen was an African-American actor born on December 1, 1907 in Monroe, Louisiana. He played supporting roles in a number of films including You're in the Navy Now in 1951, a cab driver in Oh, Men! Oh, Women! in 1957, both were under 20th Century Fox; Duffy of San Quentin in 1954 under Warner Brothers Pictures; Lucy Gallant in 1955 as well as Roustabout in 1964 under Paramount Pictures. He took part in over twenty movies, most of which had him playing servile roles like cabby, waiter, native and porter. Fluellen also appeared in a television special titled The Christmas Story and Miss Jane Pittman. He was opinionated and he participated in protesting black stereotyping in Hollywood. He lobbied for better working conditions and bigger parts for African-American performers. At 82, Fluellen died from a gunshot wound to the head in Monroe, Los Angeles, CA on February 2, 1990. The coroner's spokesman declared his death a suicide. His ashes were scattered at Point Fermin, California.