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  • He made Taken miniseries and 4400 the reason for watching!

    I swore I was not going to watch a show about aliens, but I got sucked into watching the entire Taken miniseries, and LOVED it! Joel is one of the reasons why! He played a convincing bad guy, and I actually felt bad for him in the end. When I saw that he was going to be on the 4400, I thought that I wouldn’t watch it because I thought it would be like another "Taken," and it would not be as good, and I’d be disappointed. But once again, Joel's so talented, I forgot who he was from Taken, and that to me makes a talented actor. To me it’s when you are convinced he or she is who they are now & not who or what they played in the past. And this certainly means that you are not reminded who they are as the actor, Joel Gretsch. You don’t think, “Oh, that’s just Joel Gretsch acting.” You just get lost in the character they are playing now.

    He is awesome to watch.

    Thanks for making TV fun to watch again!