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    • (on having William Shatner as a father-in-law)
      Joel Gretsch: I never had that moment where you have that big epiphany like, 'Oh my goodness!' I mean, I always knew Bill was famous. He's just happy I'm working. It's always, are you working? Great! Pass the salt and pepper.'

    • (about taking on another sci-fi role with "The 4400)
      Joel Gretsch: I thought, 'Wow, it's not me talking to a green screen all the time. I can actually care.' Usually it's the emotion that connects me to something, when I can care about a relationship to somebody

    • Joel Gretsch: The combination of golf and acting has been the greatest gift I've ever had, literally. It allows me to be a part of charity events, to give back.

    • (when asked if he ever was a fan of "Star Wars")
      Joel Gretsch: Yeah, God, it's hard not to be, especially the first Star Wars. I mean, when I watched that it was like a whole different world. It was a like a big opening of things that you had never even thought about it and it made you think bigger. It made you think broader. Yeah, it really influenced me. I can't wait to see this last one. I was reading in the paper about people seeing it, the fans and saying that it was kind of bittersweet that this is the last one and it's getting great reviews. So I'm very excited to see it, but it's sad that it's going to be over.

    • (about who he would like to work with)
      Joel Gretsch: I was really interested in meeting Peter [Coyote]. Michael [Moriarty] and I worked together briefly on Taken, so it was great to catch up with him. They are both fantastic actors.

    • (about the research he did for the show "Taken")
      Joel Gretsch: When I did Taken, I researched quite a bit because I didn't know a lot about the subject of sci-fi and space. I remember watching Jodie Foster in Contact, and that kind of opened my eyes, when she says that line, 'It would be an incredible waste of space if there aren't other beings out there.' The possibilities in sci-fi are wonderful, and I think it's great that we have shows like this because the subject is bigger than everything we know.

    • (about the fact that he is doing a number of science fiction project)
      Joel Gretsch: Yeah, but I wouldn't necessarily qualify as a sci-fi fan, but I can appreciate it. I think the commonality with all the stuff I've done is that it's all character-driven. It's not just sci-fi, and it's not just human drama, but a great combination of both.

    • (on how he got into doing "The 4400")
      Joel Gretsch: The typical way. I got the script, read it, and I really liked it. Then, I went in for a meeting.

    • (on the superpower he'd want to have)
      Joel Gretsch: I'd love to fly, especially with the gas prices right now.