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  • Joel Hodgson is the creater of Mystery Science Theater 3000. My favorite show EVER. He used to host the show with his two robot buddies Crow and Tom Servo (my favorite) He is the laid back kinda guy who you like to see on your favorite show.

    Joel Hodgson is great! I think that he is a genius for one because he created my favorite show..MST3K! For two I think that his comedy is great. He is always acting like he took some Xanax or something because he is always really laid back and he talks softly. I wish he would have stayed on the show.. I think that it would have stayed on air longer if he was still the host. No offense to Mike the second host of the show for the later years. Mike is funny to, but after years of watching Joel and the bots has made me biast I suppose for Joel. I actually used to have a childhood crush on Joel. Silly I know. PLEASE come back Joel! Your fans miss you!!