Joel Madden





3/11/1979 , Waldorf,Naptown, Maryland

Birth Name

Joel Rueben Combs




Joel was actually born Joel Rueben Combs on March 11, 1979 in Waldorf, Naptown, Maryland to parents Roger and Robin Combs. He and his twin brother Benji (Benjamin Levi Combs) were born into a family with loving parents and an older brother Joshua. At the age of eight (1987) Joel and Benji became older brothers when their younger sister Sarah was born. At the age of sixteen, Joel and his family went through some difficult times, which ended with Joel's father turning his back on his wife and children and walking out the door for good. His father left Joel's mother to care for the four children on her own. Once divorced Joel and the rest of the family changed to their mother's maiden name of Madden and that is what they are all known by. With their father gone and their mother alone, great deal of problems occurred, including financial ones. This led them to the eviction from their home. Joel never recuperated from their loses. As he got older he became more interested in music. And then one year when Joel and brother Benji attended a Beastie Boys concert, Joel finally decided that music was to be his life. A few months later both Joel and Benji were ready to start a band. With Joel on vocals and Benji on guitar, all they needed was a drummer, a bassist and possibly another guitarist. They two teamed up with two school friends, Aaron Escolopio (drums) and Paul Thomas (bass) as well Billy Martin who just quit his former band. With struggle in the music world and years of trying Joel's dreams finally came true. He and his band "Good Charlotte" were ready for the big times. The band started off with smaller gigs but soon later they hit the big time. In 2000, Joel and the guys of "Good Charlotte" were offered a spot in the Warp Tour. From that date on, the band was playing the big time. Now after seven years, Joel's dream is finishing up being complete. With his family by his side weather its his sister in the audience or his brother right next to him on stage Joel is going all the way and he's bringing his family with him.