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  • Joel's involvement with the "" program

    I don't know that much about his music, but I respect the man himself cause he took action among the program, which aim is to provide clean drinking water to ethiopian children, sponsored by UNICEF and a spring water brand.
    We can still think he made that to advertise himself, but he seems being a really nice guy who cares about social issues; I guess there's a heart behind the tatoos.

    But I let you judge by yourself; at least not all of the rockers are the same!

    for those who are interested, check out

    Thank you guys for reading me, see you later!
  • I love Joel! I hope he dumps Hilary!

    Joel Madden is so HOT! I can'believe he's dating a fake like Hilary Duff! He could do a lot better then her! Anyway, he has a great voice! I love his punk look. His music is great, and his clothes are very cool. What's knot to like about this punk hottie? The ONLY thing thats wrong with hm is his girlfriend!
  • I would say that ur hott but i don't like useing that word! you r very very verry vute

    I Have Every one of you CDs and I have a huge crush on you a your brother and you but I am not what you think I am plus I don't swear well sometimes I do but my heart Belongs to Jake Epstein!!! I love your tattoo on your shoulder with the two Hands that is awesome and I have to say that every song that you made I love!!! One day I hope I meet you along with your brother and Jake Epstein of course
    But B-4 I even saw Jake I had a huge were talking giant crush on both Joel and Benji!!!

  • joel madden is one huge hottie a gr8 singa in the best band has a cute brother great songs


    i wish i could meet him and the band cause they are my fav band eva and eva and eva i hav the 1st AND 2nd cd but im saving 4 the second


    i love all their songs though the 1st album is soooo wiered but its still really cool and unique!!

  • omg he is so damn hot i luv joel he is so cute i even got to meet him and the band once they gave me hugs and kisses i was sooo happy cuz joel hugged me and kissed me on the cheek!!!i luv him hes the hottest guy ever!!!!

    he is the hottest guy alive i would give anything to be his girl. What the hell is he doing with hilary duff??? she is so wrong for him!!!! he has the cutest eyes ever!!! also if you want to go onta a really really reallyy cool website thats dedeicated completely to him go onto joely its called joely moley cuz of his cute little mole!!!! he is so adorable!!
  • OMG I luv u Joel!!!

    JOel ur the best!! I luv ur voice, ur style, and everythin about u!! I cant wait to meet u and get ur new cd. (saving up my money to get it) I try to get ringtones from my cell thats ur songs!! U sound like an awsome person to me!! I cant wait to see u in concert!! I wish I could have ur signature on a pic I have of u and Benji both of u guys rock!!! You guys are the hottest ppl in the world!! Me and my cuz Luv u and ur band!! Thx for reading this!! Lots of luv ;-p Luv from ur biggest Fan!!!! Luv Sam xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  • Joel is an awesome rocker! He deserves more credit than he is given! Joel and Benji rocked their way to the top with Good Charlotte and they deserve it with all their hard work! Hope they Keep on Rockin\' out loud and hope to see them again!

    Loved seeing him in concert! He rocked his way to the top and is holdin\' on! They rock my world and keep me singin\' with all their CD\'s! Some people say that they are dead, and that they went too far, but I still think that they rock and that they are very much alive in all of us! In all of their fans! Those guys really know how to rock out loud! I hope to get to meet them again! Some of the greatest guys I\'ve ever met!
  • Awesome singer and has a very talented band!

    Joel Madden is a very sexy man. He is a very talented singer/songwritter and i cant wait to see wats going to come up in the future with him and the band. Him and Hilary look so cute together! i hope they stay together for a long long long time!
  • Hey! Joel Madden is my hunny Bunches!!!! He is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY HOT!!!!! I am gonna marry him someday! Or his hottie bro,Benji!!! GOOD CHARLOTTE ROCKS THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! I them in concert 2! (yes-sadly-even without Chris. Get better soon!) Everyone should

    Hey! Joel Madden is my hunny Bunches!!!! He is WAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyHot!!!!! I am gonna marry him someday! Or his hottie bro,Benji!!! Good Charlotte Rocks The World!!!!!!!!! I them in concert 2! (yes-sadly-even without Chris. Get better soon!) Everyone should love Joel Madden& GC!And Benji Madden!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are the best is this world!!! and though they are dating, people shouldnt hate hilary! She is way too cool to be hated or disliked!I love Joel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love Joel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Joel!!!!!!!!!!!!