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  • One of these days he'll carry his own show...

    Joel Murray has been relegated to playing the quirky best friend or neighbor in recent years. He plays these roles to the fullest they can be played without up staging his co-stars. He knows how to balance the fine line of putting the focus on his character and taking over the scene from the other actors.

    Joel's true potential has not been tested in the roles he has played recently. He is often the center of the laughter, even in his supporting roles. He has very good comic timing and can do subtle and "in your face" comedy with the same great skill. He was able to show many facets of this talent during his run on Dharma and Greg.

    I can see Joel carrying his own television show one of these days. He could do either the dramedies that are so popular now days or a sitcom, which unfortunately is on the decline in the US. It is possible that he could follow his brother, Bill, into movies. Even though I see Joel doing comedy, it would not be in the same vein.

    I hope to see Joel more on television in the future. He is a joy to watch and always makes me laugh.