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    • As at July 2007, Joel's occupation is as a restaurant manager in Adelaide, South Australia.

    • Joel describes his fellow housemate, Zoran Vidinovski, as having a heart of gold and believes they will be friends for life.

    • After being evicted from Big Brother, Joel revealed he had not gone into the house with a strategy in mind. His only aim was to get through the first couple of weeks.

    • Joel was often teased for his lack of skill on Friday Night Live episodes. After a losing streak that was made a new record in the Big Brother series, he was able to redeem himself by winning the 'Pirate Night' games.

    • Joel provided one of the funnies moments of the Big Brother season on Friday Night Live. In a challenge called 'Blind Beach Soccer', where the housemates played a game of soccer while blind-folded, Joel was involved in a penalty shoot-out following a nil-all draw. To the amusement of his fellow house-mates and studio audience, Joel kicked an own goal, resulting in him being labelled 'Own Joel' by the rest of his housemates.

    • Joel stated that he believed he was evicted from the Big Brother house because he was not a typical Australian. He believes his Italian heritage was the reason fans voted him out of the series.

    • Joel was the seventeenth housemate to be evicted from season seven of Big Brother. He was evicted as part of a double eviction along with Zoran Vidinovski. He received 7% of the merged eviction vote.

    • Joel's brother was the family member elected to greet him on his departure from the Big Brother compound.

    • Joel celebrated his 25th birthday in the Big Brother house. He received a picnic lunch and a video message from his family.

    • Joel shares a house with his friend, Josh.

    • Joel is of Italian heritage.

    • Joel was in Alabama after 9/11 and reports that people began treating him differently, due to his dark skin. Feeling uncomfortable, he decided to return to Australia.

    • Joel's dream of becoming a tennis star slipped away when he lost his US tennis academy scholarship.

    • On the first episode of Big Brother in 2007, Joel described himself as hilarious and charismatic.

    • On the season opening episode of the 2007 Australian Big Brother series, Joel revealed that the longest relationship he had been had lasted only four weeks.

    • Joel's father is a former State MP, Joe Scalzi.

    • Joel's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house was as a restaurant manager.

    • As at April 2007, Joel resides in South Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Joel: (on fellow housemate, Zoran Vidinovski) He seems like an intimidating character, but the guy's got a heart of gold. He's very sensitive and I'm sure the ladies appreciate that sensitive side. I've got a sensitive side too you know! I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather be evicted with.

    • Joel: (asked if he expected to be evicted from "Big Brother" when he was) I would have dodged five evictions. I had a feeling towards the end, especially cause it was a double. I'm not the stereotype type of person that stays in there.

    • Joel: (asked if he played the comedian when he was in school) Yeah, I was. I love being the centre of attention, I've never hidden that, but it's not in an arrogant way, it's more of a fun way. At school I took the piss out of my teachers. One of them was called Shane and I always used to say 'Bowling Shane!' and I know he didn't like that.

    • Joel: (asked if he thought his humour helped him stay in the house as long as he did) Yeah it did because I never took thing seriously. A lot of people said I sat on the fence, but the only thing that would make me stand up and get on the agro side would be somebody putting someone else down in order to make themselves feel better, I can't stand that.

    • Joel: (on his plans following "Big Brother") I'm hoping to get into some form of entertainment. I know I've got something and I'm pretty down to earth, I know what this is. I'll take it as it comes, but I don't want to go down from here, I want to go up.

    • Joel: (on what he learnt from his "Big Brother" experience) I learnt that morals and values shouldn't change, just because you're in a place that's magnified. I assured myself of the person I am even more and the goals I want to achieve.

    • Joel: (asked if he is as funny outside the "Big Brother" house as he was in) I've got a lot more stimulus on the outside, I'm bouncing off the walls right now. To me there's nothing better.

    • Joel: (on his continuing losses in FNL) At least I can win thongey ball.

    • Joel: (asked for his prediction on who would win the seventh season of "Big Brother") I think Aleisha (Cowcher). I love Travis (Perkins) and Billy (Chris Bentley) but I think we need to embrace a little bit of difference and I think Aleisha and Zach are the way to go. I love characters and I think that's what they both are.

    • Joel: (on the high point of his "Big Brother" experience) Definitely for me it's been the kids coming up to me at Dreamworld, telling me how funny I was and how much I entertained them. I just love that because that's one of the things I wanted to do.

    • Joel: (after being evicted from "Big Brother") I didn't think there was a lot of people like me that have lasted. You know I'm not the stereotypical 'ladsy lad', 'bloody oath' type thing, and I haven't been like that. So for me to last that long it was great because I think people warmed to a guy who's a lover not a fighter, and if that's sitting on the fence - I don't think that is, that's just the way I am.

    • Joel: (after being evicted from "Big Brother" - leaving an Anglo-Saxon house behind) What can you do? That's what they (the viewers) like. More people can relate to them than maybe someone like me. It targets a certain audience. But for me to make it to the final six I obviously did have a bit of an impact.

    • Joel: [on the Braving the Elements task] This isn't Survivor, It's Big Brother!

    • Joel: (asked why he was on "Big Brother" – money or fame or the experience?) I am on the show to hopefully entertain Australia, and if fame comes after that I am ready. Oh yeah, I am ready.

    • Joel: (asked which animal best represents him) The stallion horse, because it's strong and ready to be with the best mare.

    • Joel: (prior to entering the "Big Brother" house in 2007) I hope to achieve fame that lasts more than 15 minutes. I've waited all my life to hopefully entertain Australia.