Joely Fisher

Joely Fisher


10/29/1967, Burbank, California, USA

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  • Brad Garrett as Eddie Stark and Joely Fi...
  • Brad Garrett as Eddie Stark and Joely Fi...
  • Joely Fisher as Joy Stark on Til' Death.
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Growing up in a Beverly Hills mansion, well-fed, well-educated, and well-traveled - what could be more perfect? But absentee father Eddie Fisher, an alcoholic and self-confessed drug addict, and sexpot mother Connie Stevens introducing a succession of men into her life made growing up very complicated. Childhood was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Joely and her husband adopted a baby girl, whom they named Olivia Luna Fisher-Duddy in September 2008. The girl weighed 7.5 lbs and was 19.5 inches long when she was born.

    • She did a Christmas album with her mom and sister in 1993. It was called Tradition a Family at Christmas.

    • When Joely was born, she weighed 6 lbs, 10 oz.

    • Joely and 'Til Death co-star Brad Garret were presenters at the 2007 Emmy Awards.

    • She has had several different hair colors ranging from black to red to blond.

    • Joely loves cooking shows, but also enjoys cooking herself. She prides herself in making amazing turkey chilli.

    • She loves psychology and history.

    • She is a fan of American Idol and appeared in the audience for a few tapings, including the 2007 finale.

    • Joely has a strong background in music and would constantly pitch the idea of an Ellen musical. However, this never happened.

    • During her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show the camera went to zoom in on her daughter, Skylar, but instead zoomed in on her friend.

    • Joely cut the ribbon for the real life opening of the Buy the Book store, which was featured on Ellen.

    • Joely often speaks about herself in the third person.

    • Joely tries to keep herself from cracking up by digging her fingernails into her palms.

    • Joely and Ellen DeGeneres would constantly crack each other up because of expressions or wardrobe that they were wearing.

    • Joely says a look she went for on Ellen was wearing short skirts with blouses and ties.

    • Joely, as well as co-star Ellen Degeneres, always had her character, Paige Clark's backpack with her on Ellen. Hers was a white knit backpack.

    • She has a Chihuahua named Lola that was given to her children by co-star Brad Garrett.

    • Joely says that her series 'Til Death seems to be ripped straight from her own life.

    • She says that she definitely has a "Fisher" voice, like her father's.

    • Joely says that every time her character on Ellen got to be the main focus of an episode, it always aired the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

    • She often looks up celebrities she works with using the Internet Movie Database.

    • Joely rented her house out in California to three girls who ended up using it as a brothel. She did not find out until they stopped paying their rent.

    • Joely is good friends with her former co-star Ellen Degeneres.

    • She said on The View that she thinks it is a bizarre invasion of privacy when people ask a celebrity's children for their autograph.

    • She is the niece of John Megna.

    • Her first audition was for Annie.

    • She performed overseas for the troops with Bob Hope and her mother, Connie Stevens, during the Persian Gulf War.

    • Her character on Ellen was actually supposed to be older than she was. Paige was supposed to be in her thirties, while Joely did not turn thirty until the middle of season three.

    • Joely has two sisters, Carrie and Tricia Leigh, and one brother, Todd. Tricia is her only full sibling.

    • Joely played Brenda in the movie Inspector Gadget, the doctor who created the idea of Inspector Gadget.

    • When she was a child, Joely used to go on tour with her mother and her sister, and was constantly surrounded by people. She said that when she got home she cried because she wasn't used to being alone.

    • Joely has two step sons.

    • Joely played the same character, Paige Clark, on Ellen, Grace Under Fire, Coach and The Drew Carey Show.

    • Her mother and both of her sisters, as well as her father, appeared on Ellen with her.

    • Joely did not find out that she was related to Carrie Fisher until her mom took her to the second Star Wars movie and told her that Princess Leia was her sister.

    • Wild Card was filmed in Vancouver and Joely was one of the only actors on it that was not Canadian.

    • Joely was born across the street from the Disney studio.

    • She is a talented singer, as well as an actress. She sang numerous times on her Lifetime show Wild Card and currently has two songs available on iTunes, Welcome to Holiday Inn and Don't Ever Leave Me.

    • Joely was pregnant with her second child during her time on Desperate Housewives.

    • Joely has appeared on Broadway a few times. Her roles have included Sally in Cabaret and Rizzo in Grease.

    • She has two daughters, Skylar Grace (born in 2001) and True Harlow (born in 2006).

    • Joely is a vegetarian.

    • Joely's half sister is actress Carrie Fisher of Star Wars fame.

    • She is 5'7".

    • Fisher attended Beverly Hills High School, Beverly Hills, California. After graduating, she went to the University of Paris (attended for one semester,) then went on to Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts (left before graduating to begin an acting career.)

    • Joely was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV at the Golden Globes for Ellen (1998.)

    • She gave birth to daughter True Harlow Fisher-Duddy on February 2, 2006.

    • Joely married Christopher Duddy on December 31, 1996. For their tenth anniversary they renewed their wedding vows.

  • Quotes

    • Joely: Skiing makes me feel great, and it gives my legs such an incredible workout.

    • Joely: You don't have to be that skinny, and you don't want to be so overweight that you're unhealthy - somewhere in the middle is just fine.

    • Joely: You want the best for your kid, but everybody's career is completely different in this industry.

    • Joely: I stay in my own little zone, and that's good for me.

    • Joely: I knew from the time I could walk that I wanted to be an actor.

    • Joely: I didn't finish college, which is really weird because they awarded me the Alumni of Distinction recently.

    • Joely: But unfortunately, when you have a kid, you sometimes eat everything they leave behind. So far today I've had some of her leftover pancakes with peanut butter.

    • Joely: At this point, I wouldn't be able to digest meat, and I don't like eating things with faces.

    • Joely: Boys like something to hang onto!

    • Joely: I went to my first audition-it was for Annie-in my Catholic school plaid-skirt uniform. My mother was out of town and she didn't even know I had gone. I got a call back and they offered me the swing position. An understudy is the backup for one part, but swings learns all the parts and then "swing in" wherever they are needed. I didn't end up taking the part.

    • Joely [On what her mother thought of her going into the business]: She used to say, "I couldn't stop you with a train." But I didn't start working until after college. I wasn't told not to do it and I wasn't pushed into it at all. I'm sure that my mom would have been happy with any path I chose. Maybe this one is difficult for her to watch because she has done it for so long herself; she knows both the triumphs and the really big lows.

    • Joely [On she and her husband's parenting styles]: We tend to agree on most things. There's a little bit on undermining, though, don't you think? Sometimes you go "don't say that! I already said no."

    • Joely: I just like a good party.

    • Joely: The day after I got married, I thought "in ten years, I want to do this again."

    • Joely [To Ellen Degeneres about working with Brad Garret]: It's actually not unlike working with you. I've developed means of trying to keep myself from laughing and, as I saw on the blooper reel at the wrap party, I'm the one who does laugh and crack up all the time. But he's great.

    • Joely [On the 'Til Death timeslot]: We were dying an Ugly Betty death.

    • Joely [On home birth]: I decided to have her at home. We had a lot of friends around and of course her father was there and the doctor, the doula, the midwife, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker and my sister likes to say "and Entertainment Tonight" because I don't do anything without catering and a gift bag and camera crew.

    • Joely Fisher [About her kids]: They look beautiful, don't they? They're amazing humans, too.

    • Joely [On her appearance on Ellen]: I was cute, though; just round.

    • Joely Fisher [On fans of Ellen]: People come up to me now and tell me how much they loved the show, and sometimes, they even say I'm their favorite.

    • Joely Fisher [to David Anthony Higgins about table readings]: Remember when that would happen? Big laughs at the table. Gone the next day.

    • Joely [On initial reviews of 'Til Death]: Some were absolutely scathing and others talked about my boobs.

    • Joely: That's a scary place, MySpace.

    • Joely [On what children say of their parents]: Oh, but are you ridiculous? Because apparently, I'm ridiculous.

    • Joely [On her dog]: Her name is Lola, and yes, she was a show girl.

    • Joely Fisher [On daughter True growing up]: She's already walking and rolling her eyes at me.

    • Joely Fisher [On her sitcom's new time slot]: We're going to beat Telemundo now.

    • Joely Fisher [On stand-up comedy and motherhood]: Those are two of the most courageous jobs.

    • Joely Fisher: When I came back from school I was heavy. I wasn't obese, but I was the funny fat best friend - never the leading lady.

    • Joely [On college]: I went to Emerson [and studied abroad]. I took up French boys and wine and I studied psychology

  • Hilarious in whatever role she chooses!

    Joely Fisher has some of the best comedic timing out there. She has great chemistry that she brings to any scene with any costar. She bantered back and forth with Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) on Desperate Housewives, brought her own to Grosse Point and is always a pleasure to watch on any talk show. She was great in Inspector Gadget - very suitable for the well meaning and intellectual scientist. Any role she chooses...lucky role! I have enjoyed seeing this lady on screen for several years now and I'm thrilled that her tv career seems to be going so well for her. Not only that, but she seems to have a great personal life as well -- two children and a happy marriage. Cheers, Joely! I look forward to seeing what else you have!moreless