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    Joely Richardson is really a talented actress. In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Lady Chatterley."
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    I think that she is a good actress, I enjoy her in Nip/Tuck though I think that she just puts just too much drama in her character. I think that she is good actually, I enjoy her in different movies like for example "The Patriot", she is very cool.
  • I do not like her.

    I do not like her and I have no idea why. I just don't like the vibe she gives out, on or off screen. Not that you control that. And her acting skills seem, kind of stretched though she can sometimes get away with it Nip/Tuck. (There is so much great drama and turmoil you sometimes forget to actually look at the acting.) But next to this seasons guest star Peter Dinklage it's becoming more and more obvious to me. It is not simply a matter of dislike now I think the show is beyond her now.
  • Big bird!


    I can'tbelieve anyone would fight over Big Bird. After watching the whole series it was Julia Mcnamara whom we wished died by the carver. The character and of Julia became such anannoyance we were glad shefinally moved to New York but, wished she didn't come back!