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  • i thank joey zimmerman is a greet acter and he needs to be in more tv shows and movies i thank he is very hot

    joey zimmerman is very undrrated he is very cool and very very very very hot i hope he is in halloweentown 5 if one comes out this year or next year we need to see him in more tv shows and movies he is so hot its not funny anymore i hope we see him acting more in the years to come he is one greet acter and he is very very very very hot and he is so cool he needs to act more he was greet on that 70s show and in the halloweetown movies i hope thay do a 5th movie and joey is in it.
  • J. Paul Zimmerman is cool.

    Joey Zimmerman, or J. Paul Zimmerman is an arising actor. He’s probably best well known for his roles on Hallloweentown, Halloweentown:2 Kalabar’s Revenge, Halloweentown High, and Return to Halloweentown. He may possibly reprise his role as Dylan Piper in the Possible upcoming movie of Halloweentown set to appear in October 2008. What’s confusing viewers right now is rather his name is Joey Zimmerman or J. Paul Zimmerman, but his full name is Joey Paul Zimmerman. So either name is fine. In the first 3 Halloweentown movies, he is credited as Joey Zimmerman, but as of “Return to Halloweentown” he goes by the name J. Paul Zimmerman. But overall, he is a great actor and will continue to pursue acting.