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  • Love this guy. It amazes me that he's been under the TV radar all these years.

    John Allen Nelson is the reason I decided to watch
    "Vanished". I thought it was about time for him to
    be noticed by audiences at large. He was a big hit
    with the women on the SONY boards when "Sheena" was
    in production. He portrayed Matt Cutter. All of
    us who watched drooled over him, and not simply
    because of his gorgeous looks. He gave Cutter an
    edge and a quirky sense of humor that endeared
    him to us.

    On top of that, John would join our chats on the
    SONY boards and answer questions from us. A really
    great guy who appreciates his fans. Even after Sheena
    got cancelled, he got back on the boards one last time
    to thank us for our support and kind words to him.

    Before he got the role of Walt Cummings on '24', he suffered a life-threatening aneurysm that had him on his back for over four months. I'm glad to see that he's back
    and visible on tv again.

    If anyone wants to see what a perfect male specimen
    looks like, just rent one of his first movies ; "HUNK".
    It's a funny, Faustian-type comedy with an ordinary
    guy making a pact with the devil and getting turned
    into a wondrously handsome hunk (John Allen Nelson).
    The movie was made about 20 years ago.