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  • His talent knows no end.

    John Barrowman is one of the few true talents this world has ever seen. He can sing, dance, and act, a tri-talented man who puts so many others to shame!

    In addition to all of the work he does, he also makes time for his fans, and that's no easy feat with his schedule! But, for John, he doesn't mind. He loves to meet his fans, sign autographs, and talk to them, if he's got time. His concerts and show appearances tend to sell out because of his overall popularity...not just to women, but to men, old and young alike. He works hard at what he does, and enjoys every minute of it.

    I personally don't care that he's got a civil partner, because I can tell when they're together that they both love each other dearly, and isn't that what love's all about? To love one another, no matter what?

    John is the tops in my book. I personally listen to him whenever I get a chance, because as great as others are, I can't get enough of his voice, whether the song be something from Sunset Boulevard or a great Cole Porter classic, he's wonderful. With his voice, I'm sure he could sing the phone book or dictionary and it would sound like heaven.
  • One of my all-time personal favourites, I met him recently!...

    I have loved John since the first time I saw him as Captain Jack Harkness about a year ago (I'm in America, so the shows are staggered here and I got on the Who bandwagon late). He's remarkably talented, charming, an amazing singer and EXTREMELY attractive! I listen to his CD "Another Side" practically non-stop, although my favourite song of his is "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from the Broadway album. I LOVE his work on Doctor Who and Torchwood, he has especially fantabulous chemistry with David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. Their work on "Utopia" was stellar. Torchwood is my favourite program on television, mainly because of his acting (and leading-man looks)! I've seen every episode of course (more than once), and can't wait for the tragically stunted Series 3, but the episodes I can't get enough of are "Captain Jack Harkness" and "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"...especially the former. John and Matt Rippy (as original Jack) have amazing chemistry as well, and their time-travelling love story is just simply beautiful. I had the good fortune to meet John Barrowman recently while vacationing in Canada. He is just as charming, lovely and perfect in person as he is on telly, as impossible as that may seem! I could barely breathe and/or speak when I was talking to him, but he didn't seem to mind taking time out of his day to humour me.... I even got to hear him speaking in a Scottish accent 'cause he happened to be with his parents. Meeting John has been my dream for the past twelve months, and when I finally did, he definitely did not disappoint.

    I wish John and his partner Scott all the happiness in the world, they deserve it!!
  • Multi-talented.

    My husband got me watching Torchwood and it took really nothing at all to get into this very imaginative and unique series. I also love that its completely unfettered by convention. The combination of these two things and the multi-talented John, make Torchwood a storylover's dream!
    Then I happened upon YouTube videos of John singing, and much like when I first saw Hugh Jackman singing, I thought, "why do these actors do this to us, and to themselves". Apparently I shouldn't judge so quickly!
    And funny!. John Barrowman is a natural comedian as well, or at least he is an incredibly natural human being who's inherent joy just comes through.
    I love his unabashed and unapologetic attitude and I believe it gives depth and credibility to his incredible talent.
    Still wish there was more Torchwood though...
  • Beautiful man

    I fell in love with the character he played on Torchwood as Captain Jack. I have since watch other thing he has been in. Everytime he appears on screen he just sizzles. Even if the rest of the cast feels bland in comparison. He always give his all in whatever character he plays. He sincerely seems to be a sweet man and appears to be so down to earth.He is an Actor on the rise, with a promising future, and this is one fan looking forward to see what he does next. I wish him the best of luck in his future endaveours and much happiness in his private life.
  • A poor actor and a disturbed individual

    John Barrowman is fine at cheesy musical theatre; his singing voice is OK and he has some stage presence, but unfortunately he cannot cut it as a screen actor.

    His acting performances on television are OTT and unconvincing; and his attempts to convey emotion merely end up as gurning at the camera.

    His offscreen persona is brash and arrogant, and his lack of discernment when it comes to accepting offers at work means he is vastly over-exposed and thus more of an irritant than if he was more selective. Add to that, his unpleasant predilection for exposing himself on set or backstage, one wonders whether he might benefit from some therapy or counselling to try and curb his narcissistic tendencies.
  • Happy to be gay

    John Barrowman, known to many as Torchwood or Dr Who's Bisexual Captain Jack Harkness, is a talented actor and singer who has collaborated with Sarah Brightman, and even judged on 2 talent shows to do with theatre (Any Dream Will Do, and How do you Solve a Problem Like Maria?) His acting talents in Dr who got him the spinoff of Torchwood. He married his lover Scott last year in the midst of a pantomime, and is a generally all round good guy. I loved it when he was drunk on Never MInd the Buzzcocks, and outed Simon! That was pure class.
  • I think this guy is so AMAZING!!

    Where do I start? I have seen him in a lot of what he has been in and I think he is truly amazing! So many people say that it is a waste with him being gay but I think it's almost inspirational! I'm not going to get all soppy but I think how he is so perfect with women on stage yet he loves his partner no matter what anyone else thinks.

    Ok that's considerably soppy, but who cares? I can't wait for John in the next series of Torchwood and I think he was amazing in Doctor Who!!

  • I just love this man

    John is a true star, he brought so much talent and humour to Doctor Who and now deservedly helms Torchwood where his character is darker, edge-ier and, dare I say, sexier. A true gentleman in real life, John adds class and talent to whatever he appears in. Loads of times I have been watching films like De-lovely or The Producers and suddenly this amazing voice reminds me of his limitless talents. Many congratulations on his marriage and I wish him all the best in the future, this man will make his mark on television and movies for many years to come.
  • Is there anything this man can't do?

    John Barrowman is an incredibly talented singer, having taken on works by Cole Porter and Andrew Lloyd Webber among others (playing Joe Gillis in the London production of Sunset Boulevard opposite Elaine Paige). His singing voice is clear, powerful yet also finely nuanced.

    He is also a great actor. He brought a real spark to his role as Captain Jack Harkness in the new series of Dr Who, and I'm sure he will do the same in the subsequent spin-off Torchwood.

    I met him in London last October after a performance of A Few Good Men (in which he was great); he happily signed autographs and chatted with the fans. He was really friendly.

    An all round decent guy, and damn handsome to boot!