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  • His talent knows no end.

    John Barrowman is one of the few true talents this world has ever seen. He can sing, dance, and act, a tri-talented man who puts so many others to shame!

    In addition to all of the work he does, he also makes time for his fans, and that's no easy feat with his schedule! But, for John, he doesn't mind. He loves to meet his fans, sign autographs, and talk to them, if he's got time. His concerts and show appearances tend to sell out because of his overall popularity...not just to women, but to men, old and young alike. He works hard at what he does, and enjoys every minute of it.

    I personally don't care that he's got a civil partner, because I can tell when they're together that they both love each other dearly, and isn't that what love's all about? To love one another, no matter what?

    John is the tops in my book. I personally listen to him whenever I get a chance, because as great as others are, I can't get enough of his voice, whether the song be something from Sunset Boulevard or a great Cole Porter classic, he's wonderful. With his voice, I'm sure he could sing the phone book or dictionary and it would sound like heaven.