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    • (On why he thought doing "The Making of Me" was important)
      John: I never thought I would be like this, I never thought I'd be someone who would stand up for 'the cause'. I don't want to be a militant gay, because that's not me.

      There are some days that I sign, like, 400 pictures, autographs and stuff. And among those I generally get a bunch of, say, four, five emails and some written letters from young men and women who are struggling to come out of the closet and they don't know who to turn to because they're afraid of their family's reaction and they're afraid of their community's reaction. So when they approached me to do this [The Making of Me], I thought, 'Yeah, you know, I really kinda have to do it.' I do think I've got a responsibility to help change perceived attitudes or try to change them.