John Belushi





1/24/1949 , Chicago, Illinois



Birth Name

John Adam Belushi




When John Belushi joined the Chicago-based Second City improv troupe in 1971, he was twenty-one years old and had no experience in a touring company, but yet, audiences immediately singled him out for future stardom. In hot pursuit of a career in the entertainment field, John performed comedy sketches on The National Lampoon Radio Hour and in National Lampoon's Lemmings before skyrocketing to fame as one of the Not Ready For Prime Time Players (1975-79) on the ground-breaking NBC comedy series, Saturday Night Live.

Belushi, a man of big, comedic proportions, was a rare blend of characteristics –-a classic beauty, yet funny-looking; impishly sweet or outrageously funny; one who could frighten or melt hearts with a smile; the possessor of tell-all eyes; and one who had the power to make people think-– who easily made the transition from television onto the big screen in Animal House, where his performance helped to make the movie a block-buster in 1978. Unfortunately, the steady flow of films that followed (1941, The Blues Brothers, The Neighbors, and The Continental Divide) came to an abrupt halt in March 1982, when John died of a cocaine and heroine overdose at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angles. Always having led a life filled with perpetual excesses at full throttle, John Belushi fulfilled his oft-claimed ambition to live fast and die young.