John Bennett Perry





1/4/1941 , Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

John Bennett Perry




John Bennett Perry is the father of actor Matthew Perry. He was living with his wife and Matthew's mother in Massachusetts when Matthew was born, but in a year he and his wife divorced. She moved to Canada with one-year old Matthew while he moved to California for a very full acting career. Matthew Perry reports that while growing up, his father tried to keep in touch with, him especially by phone, but he usually only saw his father on television "crashing through a door" and in other activities befitting a big, handsome action actor. Mr. Perry and Matthew grew closer when Matthew turned sixteen and moved to Los Angeles to finish High School. Father and son are in the process of filming a movie together (The Beginning of Wisdom, 2004). Mr. Perry is best known as the handsome sailor from the "Old Spice" commercials.