John Brown

John Brown


Davis, CA

Birth Name

Gregory Kaysen



Also Known As

King of Da Burbs
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John Brown is not a rapper, he's "an entity." He's also the guy who ruffles the most feathers in Tha White House, enrages various cast members over his non-stop promotion of his rap crew / business known as Ghetto Revival. Shrewd and skilled, the self-proclaimed, 26-year-old "King of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • John Brown was a rapper on the White rapper show

    I think he was a cool person and a good rapper I couldn't really watch him when he rapped because the facial expressions he made when he rapped were a little over the top, but his repetitive use of hallejah hollaback and ghetto revival annoyed me. He was an okay guy I don't know what Persia had against him. I knew he would make it to the final two and possibly with the whole thing.moreless
  • Straight from the makers of Vanilla Ice and Ja Rule, now presenting John Brown.

    The man who calls himself "The King of the Burbs" should instead be called "The Retard of Rap". This sorry excuse for a rapper is like a hemoroid in the anus of Rap that causes an inflamation of stuidity along with a terrible itch that just can't be scratched. His entire way of speaking is reminiscent of an unintelligible version of a Malcolm X speech, in which no one can understand him. Between his favorite phrases that include: "I'm not a rapper, I'm a entity" and "Ghetto Revival", his rapper integrity is always questioned by both his housemates and the celebrity rappers of the past and present. His lyrical ability is sub-par and is actually not worth being mentioned, but I feel it must be said. John Brown has basic skills that involve lyrics that are based on subjects people "might" want to hear along with words that people "might" think have some verbal flavor.moreless