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  • are your eyes broken

    i was watching a show on nov 25 07 at 2200 hrs on court tv (comcast in areacode 49201 michigan) when i heard the most rediculous statments repetitivly you stated that the driver in the vidio a male driving a blue pickup was ramming hitting and slamming into a police car when in acuality the video shows the officer hitting the perpetrator now commentaring on the vidios is fine but why would you blatently twist the truth when it is so obvious that the officer is hitting the perpetrator not the oppisite and no im not saying the male in the truck was in the right he wasnt however nobody should make blatently oposing comments to a video beng seen nation wide the writer for this show should be repremanded for even placing this material in the script and you should be reprimanded for agreeing to say it for use on television everybody has their rights and if i had been the man driving the truck i would sue you outright for slanderous comments and anything else my lawyer could come up with