John Burgmeier

John Burgmeier


10/24/1974, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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John Burgmeier


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John Burgmeier is an American voice actor and ADR script writer who primarily works for FUNimation. He is the son of fellow FUNimation voice actor, Linda Young, although John was at FUNimation first. His first voice acting role, which was his first role at FUNimation, was as Tien…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • He prefers Yu Yu Hakusho over Dragonball Z.

    • John's favorite character he plays is Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho.

    • Fellow FUNimation employee, Colleen Clinkenbeard, has stated that John is one of the best in the business and has one of the toughest jobs at FUNimation – making the translations make sense.

    • John was interviewed in the "North Texan Online," an online magazine for the University of North Texas, where many of FUNimation's employees have come from, including John.

    • John, just like fellow FUNimation employee Justin Cook, both worked on the anime Yu Yu Hakusho and voiced a main lead in it. In addition, he had to work on the script for two versions, an edited and an uncut, and dubbed it twice, once again once for the uncut and again fir the edited.

    • John's promotion to script supervisor came when he got the chance to write dialogue for Frieza in the anime Dragonball Z. His mother, Linda Young was voicing Frieza and after he read the script John said, "I can't have my mom reading these corny lines," and thus reworked the episodes. The success of the episodes gained him his promotion.

    • John majored in English at the University of Northern Texas. He graduated in 1998.

    • John began his career at FUNimation as an automated dialogue replacement engineer or an ADR engineer.

    • John wears glasses.

    • John did the commentary for the final Yu Yu Hakusho DVD along with other FUNimation voice actors including Justin Cook, Laura Bailey, and Christopher R. Sabat (to name a few).

    • He is good friends with fellow FUNimation voice actor Christopher R Sabat.

    • He is a big fan of the Star Wars films.

    • As a kid, his hero was Batman. He says, "I always wanted to be him when I was growing up."

    • John plays guitar for a rock band called El Gato, which is based in Dallas.

    • John has lived most of his life in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

    • John wrote the English script for the anime Fruits Basket. His favorite episodes that he wrote for that series are episode 15, involving Momiji and Tohru, the Hot Springs episode, and the Prince Yuki Fan Club episodes. He stated this in an extra commentary track for the final Fruits Basket DVD.

    • John's favorite Fruits Basket episodes as an actor were the earlier ones where Shigure explains the story of the curse.

    • Due to a scheduling conflict, John was unable to attend Otakon 2004, the only convention he would have appeared at. Chuck Huber went in his place.

    • In his band, "El Gato", the members call him 'Eugene', as there are two 'John's' in the band. Eugene is his middle name.

    • John's favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip, "Nothing else even comes close."

    • He is the son of fellow FUNimation voice actor Linda Young.

    • John is the voice of Gelb in the video game "Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel" and is the voice of Jack Crowley in the video game "Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixer".

  • Quotes

  • i love your voice. john

    i love your voice it is just very hot. maybe thats why my favorite character is kurama. he makes my feel very happy and you are a big part of that reason i say that you have the talent to go far. i wish i could meet you and i wish i could marrie you and kurama. and i would also like to marrie hiei not kuwabara he is so wierd but i love him anyway. the whole reason i watch yu yu hakusho is to hear kurama talk and i love to see him keep his calm. but one thing up sets me i have never seen kurama without his shirt. only open alittle bit when he is fighting touya. well i love you from soon to be mrs.minamino/mrs. Burgmeier/ mrs. yoko kuramamoreless
  • I have to admit, even though I\'ve only heard you \"playing\" Kurama, I really love your voice. Which I guess is why Kurama is my favorite character on the show. So...thank you. And wonderful job. I don\'t think anyone could do it better than you. And I\'moreless

    To be honest, the first episode of Yu Yu Hakusho that I saw, was when my little brothers were watching the \"kid version\" of it on cartoon network. One really loved your character, and the other thought Kuwabara was awesome (which I found strange, because Kuwabara was, at the time, making a complete fool of himself). I didn\'t much think of the show right then, more focused on whatever I was doing when I came into the room, but when I heard \"Kurama\" speak, I just had to pause. And watch. And watch some more. And keep watching, and not stop until I saw the whole series. Heh, when I looked you up, I was surprised when I found you also were Tien from DBZ. Such a rough voice, but in YYH, it was smooth, and calm. I compliment you on that, because I never would\'ve known the two shared the same voice actor. To wrap up, I hope to hear more of \"your characters\" in the near future. Until then, I\'ll keep watching...moreless