John Carpenter

John Carpenter


1/16/1948, Carthage, New York, USA

Birth Name

John Howard Carpenter



Also Known As

Johnny Carpenter, James T. Chance, John T. Chance, Rip Haight, Martin Quatermass, Frank Armitage
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John Carpenter was born in Carthage, New York on January 16, 1948, but he was raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky. His interest in film began at an early age and he was especially interested in Westerns. His father was a college music professor. John attended Western Kentucky University…more


Trivia and Quotes

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    This guy gets 5 stars just for 'The Thing'. 'The Thing' is my fav movie by him but I imagine most people would say 'Halloween' which is another classic. Also, if you ever see him in an interview he seems like a cool customer. Kind of a rebel type.
  • John is an awesome directer.

    Well long ago, i saw one of his movies called "Halloween" He directed and did the writing as well, with Debra Hill. I found that movie to be a masterpiece, its one of my favorite triller movies of all time. I never saw him, in an tv show or anything but, i know he's an awesome directer and writer. Its too bad that he didn\'t directed Halloween II, or anymore after the first one,cause the other halloween's movies would of been a way better if he did direct them all. Well i think, thats all i can say about him, but that he's one of mine favorite directers.moreless