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  • A Chance Meeting in New York

    Many years ago, as a young teenager, I visited N.Y. with my family. We walked into Sardi's Restaurant one night in 1972. We knew that many of the "Stars" frequented the restaurant and bar. Here I was 16 years old, a southern boy from Florida, amazed at the Big Apple. I spoke to the bartender, "Joe" as I recall, and he was a great guy, an italian I thought. Even at my age, I was allowed to get a screwdriver and began sipping it. I looked at the end of the bar and noticed an older gentleman sitting alone, sipping on his drink. I told my Mom and Uncle...I think that's John Carradine ! I knew the actor from the many old movies I'd seen over the years. I was encouraged to walk over and speak to him. I mustered the strength and walked over to him. I said "excuse me sir" a reply came with a strong voice "yes young man". I asked if he was John Carradine and he replied "why yes...I am" and he seemed genuinely surprised a kid my age would recognize him. We began to talk about his career, his co-stars (Karloff, Lugosi,etc.) while he was with Universal. I brought up a lady actress, Evelyn Ankers, who was in many of the 40's horror flicks. Mr. Carradine paused, looked at me very intensely and asked...."you remember Evelyn"?. Mr Carradine told me many personal things about his life,his friends and family. Ms. Ankers' was very close to him years before. We spent a few hours just sitting, talking, and me mesmerized by Mr. Carradine's stories, with his very strong voice. I introduced my Mother and Uncle to him and we all continued to talk. Mr. Carradine's charachter displayed his very thoughtful manner and the time he took to chat with us. These few moments were the highlight of my visit to N.Y. John Carradine was a gentleman, a true professional and showed me the true spirit of a legend.