John Cena

John Cena


4/23/1977, West Newbury, Massachusetts, United States

Birth Name

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.



Also Known As

Juan Cena, The Prototype
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John was born in West Newbury, Massachusetts in 1977. He was given the same name as his father and he is the second oldest of 5 siblings, they are: Dan, Matt, Steve and Sean. John attended Cushing Academy. He graduated from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts with a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Before joining the WWE, John auditioned for the role of Ron Stoppable on the Disney cartoon, Kim Possible. When he didn't get the part, he believed that it was fate telling him to become a wrestler.

    • John demanded an apology from CNN after he had an interview with them and they kept asking him if he took steroids.

    • John is a fan of the movies Talladega Nights, Gangs of New York, and Full Metal Jacket.

    • John had a myspace account but after too many people threatened him he had to erase it.

    • John was nominated for "Best Male Athlete" at the 2007 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, but lost to David Beckham. He was also the only American to be nominated for this award.

    • John Cena was an All-American Offensive lineman at Division III Springfield (Mass.) College.

    • John said that he is a huge fan of the video game series Command & Conquer and names it his favorite game of all time.

    • John is a known fan of cartoons and has mentioned on "Five Questions" that his favorite animated movie is Fist of the North Star.

    • Off screen, John is best friends with wrestlers Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, and John Hennigan.

    • Top Three Restaurants:

      1. Waffle House.
      2. McDonalds.
      3. Outback Steakhouse.

    • John writes left handed but throws right handed and favors his right arm in the ring.

    • Before becoming a professional wrestler, John was a limo driver. He admitted he usually got lost and was late picking up and dropping off people.

    • John was once on The Jay Leno Show and 106 and Park on the same day.

    • John has appeared as a co-presenter, with Hulk Hogan, at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards.

    • John has appeared on G4's Training Camp (with Shelton Benjamin).

    • John has appeared on Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period.

    • In 2004 John started a feud with Carlito. The storyline said Cena was attacked in a Boston nightclub by Carlito's bodyguard, Jesús, who stabbed him in the kidney, keeping him out of action for a month. In truth, this event was set up to allow Cena time off to film The Marine.

    • During 2002 John adopted the classic WWF logo (without the "F") along with the slogan "Word Life" as his "signature symbol" and was joined by an enforcer, B-2 (also written as B², pronounced "B-Squared"), who accompanied him to ringside.

    • During his time in OVW, he also appeared on the UPN reality show Manhunt under the pseudonym "Big Tim Kingman", the 'lead hunter' in a team 'hunting' contestant with paint ball guns. The show was produced in association with WWE. It was later revealed that many of the scenes in the show were re-shot or staged to enhance the drama, contests were rigged to eliminate contestants, and other contestants read from scripts. As a result of the controversy, WWE has never referenced the show or Cena's part in it.

    • John was chosen as 'Raw Superstar Of The Year' in the WWE's 'Best Of 2005' Magazine.

    • John is a fan of classic rock and his favourite band is Led Zeppelin.

    • He was #2 on the PWI top 500 wrestlers list in 2005.

    • He is sometimes known as the Marky Mark of wrestling.

    • He writes his own raps.

    • He was the 2001 PWI Wrestling Rookie of the Year, 3rd runner-up.

    • Two of his songs that he made were part of his entrance to the ring.

    • His music video, "Bad, Bad Man" was featured on WWE Smackdown! in 2005.

    • His finisher the FU was made in response to Brock Lesnar F5ing John into a ring post and 'injuring' his knee. John's response: "Your finisher is the F5... well mine's the FU!"

    • John has a song on the WWE Originals CD, called 'Basic Thugonamics'. John also has his own CD called You Can't See Me.

  • Quotes

    • John Cena: If you want some... come get some.

    • John Cena: Trust me...I know where my heart is and my heart's right here. I'm going to keep doing everything because I love to do it, but I will never sacrifice my time between the ropes. That's no shot to anybody. Everybody's got different career paths. This is mine.

    • John Cena: A lot of the artists that are coming out right now are sticking to the formula of guns, drugs, money, all that other stuff. I'm not from the 'hood, I've never been arrested, I never shot anybody, I never sold drugs.

  • The most overrated wrestler ever. This is a review of his wrestling character, not himself personally.

    What can I say about John Cena? He's the most overrated wrestler in WWE. The reasons why Vince overuses him is because of the following: He makes money, his fanbase is the biggest in WWE, the kids love him so Vince wants WWE to be more kid-friendly and his merchandise. Every week, John Cena has to appear on RAW and Vince fixes the matches so John wins them all of the time to try the crowd happy. Of course we all know that WWE is fake, it's not real wrestling. If it were real wrestling, John Cena would get thrashed in the ring. John can never compare to great wrestlers such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, Owen Hart and many more. When John wrestles, he uses the same old moves over and over again. It gets boring once you know all of them. I admit that I am Anti-Cena, but I'm not trying to be offensive to him or anything of that matter. For more details, read my rant on John Cena. So whatever happens, If you get upset at John Cena, just turn off the TV.moreless

    One of the most overrated pieces of garbage that is on my television, every Monday Night. Let's look at the facts about John Cena...

    - He can't wrestle

    - He's getting a push he doesn't deserve

    - He's average on the mic

    - He's held the title for the majority of the past two years

    - His head looks like a cereal box

    - His so called Chain Gang fans are a bunch of sheep who don't know good wrestling if it hit them in the rear

    - He's repetitive

    - His STFU subsmission is by far one of the worst subsmissions I have ever seen

    - His Superman Marine gimmick is far beyong stale

    So while great talent like Shelton Benjamin, Shawn Michales, and even Triple H are forced to job to a piece of crap like Cena, Cena gets all the limelight because sheep are attracted to him. PATHETIC!moreless