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  • Yummmmm!

    Honestly, he\'s probably the only asian guy that I would seriously date, I\'m asian myself but prefer white guys. He has talent and is a great actor, we\'ve seen him go from stupid high school teen who we all thought was high and played that role well (American Pie) to the funny guy living in an apartment with a few other guys (Off Center). Wouldn\'t mind seeing him more, actually wondering why I\'m not.
  • Give him a sitcom. Cant wait for H & K go to Amsterdam. Just give him a sitcom. Deserves a show on TV.

    Give him a sitcom and watch him come up in the ranks.
    Im not going to say he should have been bigger, because i do believe he WILL BE bigger.
    Only a matter of time.
    Can't wait for Harold and Kumar goes to amsterdam.

    Come on people, Give the man a sitcom.
    Many people i know will always remember the MILF man from American Pie and Harold.

    Deserves a credit and a ..... sitcom!
  • John Cho!

    John Cho! He is such a great comedic and dramatic actor and now is great on Flash Forward. I have loved him since he guest stared on Charmed playing a dead chef who help/hit on Piper and was so cute. Amazingly it doesn't look like he has aged since this must of been eight or nine years ago. He was also great in the Harold and Kumar as the studious/stoner character. And in Star Trek as Sulu, so hot, cannot wait for the sequel. Hopefully he will get some more roles and he is such a hot piece of man!
    (Never before have I sounded like such a fan girl)
  • empty

    John Cho is absolutely hilarious in even role he plays. From his role in the "American Pie" movies to that in "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle," Cho has proven that he has a great comedic sense and can make anyone laugh.