John Colicos

John Colicos


12/10/1928, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



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Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, John Colicos first started acting in high school and went on to perform on stage in hundreds of plays, and theaters over three continents. After that he lent his talents to television and movies, and will be best remembered for playing the first…more


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    • John: (On fighting the system) It's much easier to deflect all that feeling into the villains, who maybe get their comeuppance in the end, but get a good run for their money. They're fighting the system, they're fighting everything, and it's a great release valve for people.

    • John: (On why people tend to identify with villains) Deep down in their hearts, they know they can never be Superman or Clark Gable.

    • John Colicos: (Speaking at the time of the Star Trek 25th anniversary and convention in Toronto, Canada. 1991.) I've always thought that science fiction writers are really the true profits of the universe, of the future. Yesterday's science fiction becomes increasingly tomorrow's science fact.

    • John: (Speaking in 1991)It's amazing that a whole new generation for instance seeing only re-runs, not only of Star Trek, but Battlestar Galactica,and have discovered what was done twenty odd years ago, and to them it's fresh and new.

    • John Colicos: (About the ridiculing of sci-fi fans) perhaps some people go to extraordinary excesses and it becomes a comic book adventure, but on the other hand that's a very small section of people that are seriously interested in space exploration. I don't ridicule them at all. I think the ones that do ridicule them are the small limited minds who are responsible for the status quo and idiotic tribal warfare all around the world.

    • John Colicos: One of the first roles I ever played was God and I've been going downhill ever since

    • John Colicos (Speaking about the works of William Shakespeare) To me, Shakespeare is the greatest psychologist who was ever born. His knowledge of humanity, from the highest to the lowers, is absolutely incredible.

    • John Colicos: (On returning to Canada after spending twelve years in Hollywood) I was homesick, typecast and bored doing the same role over and over again.

    • John Colicos: Leading men are so cliched. They're so boring, so predictable. But when you get a really kooky, offbeat villain you can explore all kinds of devious twistings and turnings in the human mind.

    • John Colicos: I think I've been on just about every crime or adventure drama there is.

    • John Colicos: When all else fails, be enigmatic.

    • John Colicos: Villains, like blondes, have more fun.

  • A great actor and a great man.

    John Colicos is famous for three things inperticular.

    1. Playing the first ever klingon seen in star trek.

    2. Playing the villian in numerous TV shows.

    3.Playing the original Baltar in Battlestar Galactica.

    His acting abilities amazed me even further when i found out he plays Apocolypse in the X-men animated series. a show i have loved since childhood. With his career being cemented in science fiction and fantasy, John believed that program's such as star trek and BSG were to represent how the future could turn out, and had great belief in the sci-fi. Although no longer with us his work will live on in history and fans will always know the name John Colicos.

    If you see any interviews with John you'll see how excentric (in a good way) he actually is.moreless