John Corbett





5/9/1961 , Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

Birth Name

John Corbett




John Corbett was born on the 9th of May 1961 in Wheeling, West Virginia. He and his mother lived in an apartment block near the Ohio River. Fascinated by music, Corbett spent most of his time at his Uncle's club where he learnt to play Bass guitar, which he played in his high school band, also singing on occasion.
In 1986 John moved to California and continued to play music.

After accompanying a friend to a drama class at the city college he was attending, John was urged to pursue a career in Hollywood, and he did. Corbett scored over 50 high profile Commercials and a guest star appearance on The Wonder Years which put him in good stead when the creators of a revolutionary hit show "Northern Exposure" showed interest in Corbett for the Role of Chris "Chris in the Morning" Stevens. After landing the role and having 6 successful seasons Northern Exposure ended and John became the spokesmen for Ford TV ads.

John Corbett's acting Career exploded out of blocks with a recurring role in Sex and the City and appearing in such films as: Raising Helen, Dreamland, Raise your voice, My big fat Greek wedding and Serendipity, to name a few.

After just having finished shooting "Saskatchewan," Corbett went back to his roots and realised a Country Album recorded in Nashville featuring some hit songs by artists like, Hal Ketchum, Tim Nichols and Darrell Scott.