John Cusack

John Cusack


6/28/1966, Evanston, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

John Paul Cusack



Also Known As

John Cusak
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John has been in dozens of movies since the early 1980s. His 1st major role when he was 17 was, acting alongside Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy in the romantic comedy Class (1983). Most people know John Cusack plays characters that are most like himself. The unconventional hero.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • A well known, outspoken Democrat, John is also a contributer to the online journal, The Huffington Post.

    • In 2000 John was nominated for a SAG award for Being John Malkovich. In 2001 he was nominated for a Golden Globe for High Fidelity for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy or Musical.

    • In June 2008, John came out against John McCain, comparing him to George W. Bush, and has pledged his support to Barack Obama.

    • John's father, Dick, was an actor and a documentary maker. His mom was a teacher. His sisters, Joan and Susie, are also actors.

    • The acting school he went to in Illinois was set up by his best friend's parents. His best friend is Jeremy Piven, who also co stars in many of his films like Serendipity and Grosse Point Blank.

    • One of his favorite movies is Apocalypse Now.

    • John was considered for the role of Paul Brenner in the movie The General's Daughter. In the end the role went to John Travolta because John was to young at the time.

    • John was a good friend of Hunter S. Thompson and nearly got to play him in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

    • He as originally chosen to play John Bender in the movie The Breakfast Club. The role ended up going to Judd Nelson.

    • He is a member of the "Brat Pack" which is the name for the actors who tended to star in teen movies of the 80's. The other members of the group include Emilio Estevaz, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Demi Moore, Charlie Sheen and Diane Lane.

    • John's favorite music group is The Clash.

    • John is of Irish-American decent.

    • He used to be roommates with actor Jeremy Piven.

    • John was originally casted to play Walter Eberhart in the movie The Stepford Wives but due to conflicts, he had to drop out and the role went to Matthew Broderick.

    • He tried out for the role of Madmartigan in the movie Willow but lost the role to Val Kilmer.

    • When he has free time, John likes to go Helicopter Snowboarding and kickboxing with stunt cordinator Benny Urquidez.

    • John turned down Bill Paxton's role in the movie Apollo 13.

    • John went to high school at the Evanston Township High School in Evanston, Illinois.

    • John attended one semester of college at NYU.

    • He attended the Piven Theatre Workshop in Evanston, Illinois, which is ran by the parents of actor Jeremy Piven.

    • John has a production company called New Crime Productions which produced the movies Grosse Pointe Blank, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and The Jack Bull. He founded the company with two of his high school friends Steve Pink & D.V. DeVincentis.

    • He is 6' 2½" tall.

    • He and his good friend Tim Robbins made 6 movies together: Bob Roberts (1992), Cradle Will Rock (1999), High Fidelity (2000), The Player (1992), The Sure Thing (1985) and Tapeheads (1988).

    • He is a big Chicago Cubs fan.

    • He was ranked #15 on Tropopkin's Top 25 Most Intriguing People [Issue #100].

    • His sister Joan Cusack appeared in 8 of his movies: Class (1983), Sixteen Candles (1984), Grandview, U.S.A. (1984), Broadcast News (1987), Say Anything... (1989), Grosse Pointe Blank (1997), Cradle Will Rock (1999) and High Fidelity (2000).

    • He is the subject of the song "Honorable Mention" by the band Fall Out Boy.

    • He has dated Neve Campbell, Lili Taylor, Alison Eastwood, Claire Forlani, and Minnie Driver.

    • He turned down Woody Harrelson's role in the movie Indecent Proposal.

  • Quotes

    • John: I think good actors can sort of see into people and immediately you have a chemistry with them or not. It's like an affair with no mess. You don't actually consummate it, but you get to pretend, imagine what it would be like.

    • John: I think the more you expose yourself as a celebrity, the less interesting you are to watch in your work, because if you're putting yourself out there all the time, you're not holding anything back.

    • John: (on being type-casted as a romantic-comedy guy) It seems to me that one thing people do over and over again is try to figure out how to get married, stay married, fall in love, how to rekindle all this stuff. It seems to me to be a pretty eternal theme so I don't know if you can get typecast from making movies about men relating to women. It seems to be what is going on on the planet a lot.

    • John: (on the movie "Max") It's a deeply moral film. Any suggestion that we're trying to humanize a monster in order to exploit the Holocaust would be slanderous to the film. In fact, what it tries to do is put a human face on evil, so that we can understand it and so we can prevent it from ever happening again.

    • John: (on aspirations of directing a feature film) I don't think that'll ever happen. I just don't feel I want to do it. I feel like I'm a filmmaker; I don't feel I need to yell 'action' and 'cut'.

    • John: Nope, no sex scandals yet. But I am open to offers!

    • John: I was a teen star. That's disgusting enough.

  • I'm an ex-fan as of today. He is just another actor trying to force his political beliefs on people, when he probably has no clue about what's going on in the world.moreless

    I think it will be a long time before I pay money to go see a movie with the declining intelligence of actors like John Cusak, who art to force their views on people. It's really ignorant and pretty sad, but most of Hollywood has the same agenda so all you will here is actors like John Cusak forcing his liberal views on people I feel really sorry for him because propraganda isn't the way to get your views out to people. I will be selling the movies I have with him in it and won't be seeing any movie or TV show he is in ever again.moreless
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    John Cusack is a acting genius..not to mention a total hottie. I have loved him since Say Anything and can watch his movies over and over again and never get bored. He can exude so much emotion in just his mannerisms and facial expressions that its amazing to watch. High Fidelity is one of my all time Cusack faves and Martian Child is genius. Anyone who doesn't like John Cusack needs to have thier head examined. He is a true actor and needs to be recognized for that. He has more talent in his pinkie finger than most other actors out there. He's a gem to watch. I hope he keeps making movies for a long time.moreless