John D. LeMay





5/29/1962 , St. Paul, Minnesota

Birth Name




John LeMay was born in St. Paul, MN on May 29, 1962.
He and his family relocated to Normal, Illinois in 1970 where he grew up and attended Illinois State University. After graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music, combined with a contract major in Musical Theatre, John moved to Chicago to perform in original musicals. This
included an internship at "The Theatre Building". In Chicago, he worked with the Blind Parrot Theatre company
and with Bailiwick Theatre where he appeared in "Room Service". He also landed some work doing commercials
and earned his Screen Actors Guild card. From this, he was offered an opportunity to move to Los Angeles, California in February of 1985.

Prior to Friday the 13th: The Series, John appeared in two films. In 1985 he appeared in "THE NEW KIDS" and in
1987 he appeared in "THE COUCH TRIP". (View Pic) He also appeared on "The Twilight Zone" and with Michael Landon on an episode of "Highway to Heaven." In 1987, John accepted the lead role in Friday the 13th: The Series. After two successful seasons on the air, he decided to leave behind the role of Ryan Dallion in order to explore and pursue other acting roles. In 1993, he starred in the horror film "JASON GOES TO HELLTHE FINAL FRIDAY". This was the ninth installment in the Friday the 13th movie series, which shared the same
name with the television series, but was not related to the plot or storyline. Interestingly, "JASON GOES TO
HELL" was the first Friday the 13th film produced by New Line Cinema instead of Frank Mancuso's Paramount
Pictures, which produced the TV series. Quite a coincidence that John's first major role after the series was
also titled Friday the 13th, but the connection ends with the title. In the film, John played the role of Steven
Freeman, the hero who battled the invincible monster, Jason Voorhees, to save his girlfriend Jessica and their
In addition to being a gifted actor, John is also a very talented artist and painter. In 1998, he exhibited a series of his paintings based on his highway travels as well as his dreams. His "Highwayscapes" exhibit included a real-time video documentary of the highways he traveled between Los Angeles and Arizona.
John is currently focusing on producing documentaries, including a film on his agent, a former bullfighter in Mexico who decided to return to the ring after years in Hollywood.

The above info. courtesy of "Bucky" from "The 13th Hour"