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  • Extraordinarily gifted of intellect and vocabulary. He may be the model of the game show host, but is so much more.

    Wow... John was obviously the smartest game show host of all time, in my opinion. The way he navigated the touchy areas on WML was masterful. I can only imagine what a wonderful conversationalist he must have been.

    While Mr. Cerf was far and away the most gifted of the panel members, he did not have some of the talent that Mr. Daly had to keep under wraps.

    Not only smart, but very friendly, even when Mr. Cerf might serve up a stinger while introducing him. (Of course, he could volley them right back too)

    He was every bit a part of the succefful formula that kept WML on the air for so many years. Would'nt it be nice to have people that smart back on the air again??