John D'Aquino

John D'Aquino


4/14/1958, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Birth Name

Jonathan Aquino



Also Known As

John Aquino, John Di Aquino, John DiAquino, Jonathan Aquino, Jonathan D'Aquino
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The first time his Italian immigrant father heard that John wanted to be in a play, he was not pleased. To his father, "play" was the opposite of work! Year's later, after twelve-hour rehearsal days and scripted emotional outbursts during matinee's and evening performances, John informed his father…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • John DiAquino is a great person. I met him when I was seven years old. I lived in Fremont, Nebraska with my parents, Ron and Lou Buck. I am writting this review in hopes that he will read it.moreless

    John DiAquino is great in my eyes. We metin Fremont, Nebraska when he starred in the movie, "Slipping into Darkness". My father, rest his soul, was also in this movie along with other family members. He was perfect to me then, and years have had no changes since. I love seeing him on many of the shows we watch. My dad always called me or vis versa, when ever we knew he was going to be on t.v. He has been on our minds now since my dads passing April 10, 2007. My mother was concerned since we still had not had contact with John, and now she is determined to reach him. This is my review(contact attempt) John is a wonderful man, actor, and teacher! I would love to see him again and meet his new wife. There will be alot of disapointed women here to hear of his new marriage!! But he was an awsome person in 1988 and I would bank on it that his heart is still true to his work and his teaching. So in this attempt to make contact John, John I hope I am right in thinking that you look at this site and see this review, PLEASE contact me. I am including my e-mail for him or anyone who may know how to or has any contact with him, to let me as soon as possible, as we need to let him know of the arrangements for Ron Thank Youmoreless
  • John D'Aquino consistently hits the ball out of the park!

    I have seen John D'Aquino in a variety of things, JAG, Renegade, Third Rock From the Sun, SeaQuest DSV, Silk Stalkings, and he ALWAYS gives an amazing performance. In fact he was one of the things that drew me into Third Rock, which is saying a fair amount since I am not much of a sitcom watcher.

    He is a very talented man who really ought to get more work and bigger parts than I've seen him in!

    Here's hoping he has a VERY long and properous career!

    (Oh, and I had the pleasure of meeting him once and he was a wonderful nice man, which is always impressive to find in an actor!)moreless