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  • Trivia

    • Along with being a Disney animator before becoming an actor, John Dehner worked briefly as a disc jockey and a piano player.

    • John Dehner starred in two TV pilots that failed to go to series. The first was Rafferty's Angels in 1957, co-starring Brian Keith; the second was an adventure series called Appointment with Fear in 1960.

    • In comparing John Dehner's portrayal of on radio to that of Richard Boone's on the TV series Have Gun - Will Travel, old-time radio historian John Dunning called Dehner's Paladin "a streamlined version, perhaps slighter of build...but just as deadly."

    • With his wife Evelyn, John Dehner had two daughters, a stepdaughter and three stepsons.

    • In addition to acting on radio, John Dehner contributed scripts for CBS shows such as Escape, Suspense and The CBS Radio Workshop.

    • During World War II, John Dehner worked as a publicist for the Army and spent much of his time covering General George Patton.

    • John Dehner spent much of his youth in Europe before returning to the U.S. as a teenager.

    • Since he so frequently played villains, John Dehner used to remember with a laugh that, in the movies, he never got to kiss or win a girl.

    • During his stint as a radio reporter, John Dehner earned his station a Peabody Award for coverage of the United Nations conference in San Francisco in June, 1945.

    • John Dehner was considered for the role of Paladin on the TV series Have Gun, Will Travel, but his contract with The Roaring 20s prevented him from being cast.

    • John Dehner auditioned three times for the role of Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke, but he turned the part down. The reason he gave was not wanting to be typecast as a cowboy.

    • John Dehner played the title character in the Escape episode "Wild Jack Rhett." This episode led Norman MacDonnell to develop Gunsmoke.

  • Quotes

    • John Dehner: (on playing Paladin on radio) I didn't pay any attention to him [Richard Boone] at all. It was whatever came out of me. I knew that it would be deadly if I were to imitate him or do anything that was even vaguely similar to him. His Paladin was strictly Dick Boone. And I am not about to imitate. So I just did it the way I felt it.